There's just no sugar-coating it (pun): we quit our Whole30 early....more


So much more to say, but the gist is: ...more

The Whole Shebang

Captain's Log // Stardate: day #7 of the Whole30 program....more

Noa-pdate: 6 months

Noa's half birthday is Monday (mine is today, thank you. Magical 32.5. Sounds like an easy listening radio station). I am obviously super annoyed that the baby who made me pregnant for what felt like 4 years somehow has become 6 months old in ten minutes ....more

TOMORROW, fools!

The fridge is packed with meat and produce. There is all sort of hippie nonsense in my cupboards (coconut manna! homemade ghee!) ....more

Getting Fixed v11.0: My Post-Pregnancy Fix

I was more reluctant about scheduling my latest Stitch Fix box than I have ever been. ...more

Whole on 1

Ok, let's do this. I am starting my Whole30 in April. I got Jesse to join me and want as many people who are interested to join us, and to do this together--for support, accountability, encouragement, and general funtimes dreaming of frosting and bread....until we are free from their carby chains (that's a pun because carbohydrates are just long chains of the molecules strung together...SCIENCE!) ....more

Whole on 1

Ok, let's do this....more

Noa's Quilt: Done!

It's a record! Layla's baby quilt...more

Whole(30). Lotta Love?

I need advice....more