Gardening as community building – an ode to my neighbour

Perhaps my favourite things about having becoming a gardener, aside from the self-satisfied pride I feel when I chop my garlic or eat my tomatoes, is the space it has made for me to build relationships with my neighbours and others.This has taken a range of forms for me, but one in particular has been my relationship with my across-the-road neighbour whom for this post I will call T....more

When Life Hands You (Meyer) Lemons

…Make Lemon Cake!The rental place I’ve moved into has a meyer lemon tree, which is going great guns at the moment.  I have lemons coming out of my ears, even after I’ve given bags of them away to the neighbours.As a result I've been experimenting with all thngs lemon-flavoured, particularly lemon cakes.Here are two of the recipes....more

Happy (Vegan and Gluten Free) Birthday Mumma

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan.Today is my Mum’s 50th Birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!), and earlier in the week we had a High Tea birthday party to celebrate....more

Vegan in Turkey Part 2

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan....more

Vegan in Turkey Part 1 - Vego Restaurants

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan.The most recent destination on my around the world trip was Turkey. It was so good, I didn't have time to blog, but now, sitting in the transit "lounge" in Abu Dhabi for 23 hours I've got plenty of time to catch up.I'll start with vegetarian places to eat....more

A Vegan Christmas Centerpiece

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan.I have never participated in a blog challenge before, not even Vegan MoFo. But there's a first for everything and this year I have decided to enter the Very Good Recipes' White Christmas Challenge.The challenge is quite simple: create a new recipe on the theme of "white christmas"....more

More eggplant, wlanuts and beans - Georgian food part 3

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan.I’m convinced that at some point in the distant past, some wrote a book (in Georgian – one of the oldest living written languages) about the wonders of walnuts, and how to make sure you eat them at every single meal. It must have been a best-seller, because really and truly, walnuts are in everythinghere.But enough about walnuts....more

Traveling While Vegan

In an earlier post, I covered traveling on the cheap while vegan. However, based on some of the things I find across the net (sad stories of how so-and-so had to start eating fish, or gave up veganism because of travel) it's clearly time for travel tips for staying vegan....more
@Kim@whatwillweeat Most of my family is gluten intolerant, and it can be a real pain trying to ...more

Vegan Khinkali - Georgian Dumplings

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan.It seems that every language, cultural or ethnic group who cook their food and have access to some sort of flour have their own version of the filling-filled pastry lump I know as a dumpling. Italy has ravioli, Russia has pelmeni and varenki, Poland has perogi, Azerbaijan has dushbere, Armenia has manti, Chile has pantrucas, China has jiaozi, Japan has gyoza, the list goes on.In Georgia the local dough-filled-with-stuff-then-cooked dish is Khinkali....more
These look great! I know that I will be making my grandmother's recipe for perogi for Christmas ...more

Eggplant, mushrooms, and walnuts (of course!)

Keira blogs all things food at Around the World Vegan.Kamarjoba!(Yup, that’s the only word, other than bread, that I can say in Georgian).Last night’s dinner was intended to be all Georgian, all the way, however, of course, it didn’t quite turn out that way....more