Unsavvy in the City (NYC) - October 16, 2009

So I skipped blogging the entire month of September - you can see just how busy and crazy my life gets. Septemebr was a very month for me work-wise, but all good and success accomplished! Its now mid-October and fall is in full swing here in NYC! I can't tell you how absolutely gorgeous the foilage colors are in Central Park - I went on my lunchtime jog today through the park and it was astounding! ...more

Unsavvy in the City (NYC) - August 10, 2009

Ah August in New York City - hot, sticky, crowded with tourists and a permeating faint smell of "I really don't know what that is in the air." I have to admit for all the complaining that takes place in late summer, I really do love August in NYC. I have never really been bothered by humidity (thank goodness) and the crowds of toursits really make the city what it is supposed to be! As for that "smell" who knows what it is but I do kind of like it because it has a distinctiveness that is only NYC! ...more

 Good on you, you have enough on your plate and you don't need to beat yourself up about ...more

Unsavvy in The City (NYC)

As my first-ever blog entry, I am introducing "Unsavvy in The City," a funny, real and heartfelt account of my everyday life as a working mom in New York City. Having relocated seven years ago from my birthplace in Southern California I would have never dreamed of one) becoming a Mom; 2) working in New York City and 3) dealing with all the craziness that goes with balancing work and family. You must  have the background first - Leaving Southern California for the East Coast ...more