Hmmm... Getting back on track!

Wow, it really has been a while!!! My life has completely changed again!! Not long after my last post in March, I met a wonderful man and we are now married.  Even though I've been married before, it is a completely new experience for me.  Chris is a complete 180 degree turn for me.  He is so amazing, I thank God every single day for him.....  Anyway this is a short and sweet post to try to get back in the swing of things.  Bye for now! ...more

Just some ramblings.....

So, I feel a bit lost! I was married in 2008 and even though we divorced in 2011, we were still in a quasi-dysfunctional relational mess until this year. I seriously dont even know where to begin, as I was never good at the dating thing. It is amazing, the fact that one person can be so intimidated by something! I am not looking for anything particularly serious ya know, I would just like to have someone to be with (not in the sexual sense), someone that wants to get to know me for me........more

took a break.....

So...... I haven't been on here in a while, and to be honest I haven't really known what to write about. But recently, my papaw just passed and I guess now, I do..... He was a good man and battled Alzheimer's disease during the latter part of his life. Somehow, his death brought all us closer, and I was so blessed to get to experience the love. I was able to finally meet my long lost aunt, a woman we didn't know existed until she emailed me a few years ago, but that is a story for another time....more
Thank you Darcie, that means so much.....more

A letter to, well everyone....

How do we get past the way we feel?  How do we overcome our pasts, our memories, and most important the lies we tell ourselves?  Lately, I have had to do some serious soul searching.  I realized how much pressure I have put on others, namely Ady.  As a rule, I do not trust easily.  Trust is a risk I am most often not willing to take.  In my experience, everybody leaves you, everybody lets you down; especially the people who are supposed to love and care for you.  It saddens me to think of all of the good people  I have let slip out of my life becaus...more