New Food Night and Magnets That You Shouldn't Eat

There was a time when I made a deal with my non-foodie kids: I'd commit to mac n cheese once a week if they'd commit to New Food Night every other weekend. New Food Night meant picking a whole new recipe together, shopping together, cooking together, and then eating the whole thing without complaints. If you finished New Food Night dinner, you got New Food Night Dessert. Easy enough. And then the calendar happened. ...more

Foraging Hippie Makes Dirt Gravy

So yesterday Cransky and I went tromping through the woods with baskets and knives (along with the Crocodile Dundee of mushroom hunters. We'll call him Mark.) Markodile Dundee made sure we didn't eat anything that would make us barf. Very kind of him. Also, I saw a chipmunk. We emerged with more chanterelles and hedgehogs than I could have hoped for: ...more

Grab your pantyliners and tissues ...

 Listen To Your Mother is coming to Portland!...more

After You Carve the Pumpkin: How to Bake Pumpkin Seeds

One of the best parts of pumpkin carving is scooping out the seeds to season and bake into a delightful autumnal snack and then burning them to a crisp. ...more
burned ones taste fine!!! we aren't getting a pumpkin this year, and I will miss the little ...more

No such thing as low-cal bullying.

Mags and her BFFLD* were in the living room decked out in costume dancing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  ("The singer is Cyndi something. She's really nice," Mags shared with her BFFLD.) I was in the kitchen finishing up the triple batch of vegan peanut butter banana cookies. Then Maggie came blasting into the kitchen and yelled "RIVER'S ON THE FRONT PORCH!...more

When moms get sick.

I have recently made the transition from bed to couch, an enormous feat that would have most men collapsed in the hallway, bleeding from their eyes and drooling puddles into the braided rug. But moms are made of unearthly determination. "I will stay in this bed JUST long enough to recharge my power supply and then ONWARD MATERNAL SOLDIER!" ...more


Last night was Back to School Night at the kids' new school in North Portland. And for the first time since forever, I lived within walking distance of my kids' elementary school. I was really looking forward to it! Back to School Night is awesome when you're under 12. Do you remember the excitement of bringing your parents into your classroom? Of showing them your desk and your cubby and where you put your lunchbox? Of introducing them to your teacher and how it was like connecting with celebs at a B-movie after-party?...more

Naked Time.

"Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM." There was Riv in the bathroom doorway, grinning. I hardly even have to look down anymore to meet his gaze. That distance between growing boy and vertically challenged mother is rapidly shrinking. We could even swap shoes now. Same size. And given that he's got a sweet pair of SF Giants Filas, the idea is appealing to me ... ...more

Put that litter bucket to use! DIY detergent.

I had been waiting and waiting and WAITING for my store-bought laundry detergent to run out so that I could make my own. But given that I try to do as little laundry as possible, getting to the bottom of that bottle took about a million years. Waste Reduction Tip: Smell Test Your Clothes - A Time Honored Way to Cut Back On Laundry and Save Energy ...more

Time off for good behavior.

Think about what you would do with 2 weeks off. These are 2 weeks off that are in addition to another 2 weeks that you will be sprinkling throughout the year. You may not have a ton of money, but you have TIME. Get down to the details. Cause there in the details you just might find that dose of sanity you thought had already left the building. For instance, in these past 2 weeks: ...more