My Daughter is Beautiful and I Tell Her So Every Day

I read this article a while back. At first blush, I was all, "Yeah! Girl Power! Love us for our minds!" But after a few days of realizing that my mind kept wandering back to the article, I finally acknowledged that something just wasn't sitting right. ...more

The Best Laid Plans

We all have visions of what our children will be like. I've always been a staunch believer in nurture over nature, and I've had visions of weekend soccer games and ponytails, of my sporty, tomboy daughter laughing together with her group of sporty, tomboy friends for well, for as long as I've been envisioning having a daughter. I cringed at the cheerleaders and dance team girls in high school. I felt appalled at the flighty college sorority girls, at girls who couldn't be seen without makeup and hair just so....more

We, too, tried not to over pink our daughter. we asked for clothes that weren't "too girly", ...more

The Choices We Make

I have an old high school friend. We played softball and volleyball together. I played volleyball to keep in shape for softball season. She played softball to keep in shape for volleyball season. We were in the same classes--AP math, AP English. We went to different colleges, but kept in touch sporadically through the years. ...more

we make our own choices in life and what matters is how happy we are with the choices we have ...more