That First Blush of Love - Uh Oh!

I just want to confirm that it doesn’t matter how old you are, that first blush of love is one powerful thing.  It’s upsetting, physically debilitating, thrilling, scary, unnerving and filled with opportunity. And, that’s before he calls a second time....more

All The World's a Stage

Just think about it.  The first thing we do in the morning is decide who we’re going to be that particular day...let’s start with wardrobe.  Some of us shouldn’t be trusted picking our daily costumes, but that’s another blog about fashion police.  Today, I am a sophisticated woman dressed from head to toe in Santa Fe peasant chic.  My boss doesn’t like it when I show up to work that way, but I don’t care, because I am ANACTRESS!  I get to be whoever the hell I want to be....more

Saving Daylight

It’s time again for humans to try to change the natural cycle of days and nights.  What a fun game it is.  Of course, it totally fucks with our internal waking and sleeping cycles, but what the hell, let’s mandate changing the clocks.  God laughs.  She laughs as we try to figure out whether to ‘fall back’ or ‘spring forward.’  She guffaws when we say, “Okay, now if it’s 7 am, it’s really 6 am, or if it’s 6 am, it’s really 7 am??”  ...more

I always think it's "Fall Forward" too (I like alliteration). But then I try to imagine ...more

Language Skills - Let's Make Up Words We Can't Remember!

If you’ve ever read, “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” firstly, you’re a David Sedaris fan and secondly, you guffaw at the thought of what we might think we’re saying to someone versus what they are hearing.  Sometimes those are chasms far, wide and deep...more

What Your Pets REALLY Say

The other day, our cat, Odessa said to me, “If you ‘accidentally’ step on my tail ONE MORE TIME, you’ll be sorry every day for the rest of your life.”  I said, “That’s a skosh extreme Odessa, and may I remind you that it’s really a moot point, because I hold the power in this dynamic.  I feed you, and I can starve you to death at any given opportunity, so BACK OFF!”  She ate the ivy plant in the bathroom that evening to remind me that she can feed herself....more

Things That Come in Boxes


Exposure is 'The New Black?'

I nominate anyone out there in cyberspace to become the president of the BLOGGERS’ union we’re all going to start.  Do I have a second for this nomination?  Or a name for either the candidate or the union?  How about BOOB...Best Official Outraged Bloggers as the name of our union?  Think of all the male members we would get Why start a bloggers union?...more


There are so many races going on every minute of every day.  Sal and I race to the liquor cabinet to see who can grab the vodka bottle for our martini first.  She usually wins because she likes alcohol more than I do.  But, there are bigger races going on all around us.  There are probably hundreds of ‘races for the cure.’  I think they need to slow down a bit to find the cure, because they could run right over the damn thi...more

2010 - Howdy Do!

According to many who promise us that they are ‘in the cosmic know’ about such things, we haven’t much time because the world is coming to an end in 2012....more