Why Are Americans Waiting For the VP Pick?

In an uncertain time, who will we choose to be our next President? ...more

Mary Clare,

Though McCain is a Republican and has expressed beliefs which appear to be ...more

The State of Breast Cancer

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Organization has recently released an update on The State of Breast Cancer. It provides basic information on how far we've come in the search for a cure, and includes a letter from Nancy G. Brinker, Founder. ...more

Who Will Be The Biggest Loser This New Year?

Obesity comes at a cost. Personally, it comes right out of the wallet to pay for a premium airline seat, extra gas in the tank, time off work, and medical expenses. Physically, obesity exacts payment from the body in many serious ways. According to U. S. Government statistics, two-thirds of Americans, age 20 and over are either obese or overweight. That's approximately 133.6 million people with a Body Mass Index greater than 25. Of these, practically one-third or 63.6 million are actually obese. ...more

How To Find Help In The Hospital

How To Find Help In a Hospital--Ever been admitted? It's a little scary. Know who's available to help you. Read the news>> http://www.basilandspice.com/display/ShowJournal?moduleId=1070760&catego... ...more

IDOLeyes Review

My review of IDOLeyes by MANDISA, an American Idol, was recently syndicated by BlogCritics to Boston.com and Cleveland.com To read the review see: http://www.BasilAndSpice.com ...more

Khaliah Ali

Khaliah Ali can be seen May 27 (Sunday) 8PM EST on Geraldo at Large (FOX). She is the daughter of Muhammad Ali and will be discussing her new book--Fighting Weight. Khaliah interviewed with me about her issues with weight and her decision to have "banding" surgery. ...more

Author Interviews: Weight Loss, Diet, Nutrition, Fitness

Hello BlogHer Members: I'm writing to introduce myself. www.BasilAndSpice.com is my OnLine Publishing site. It is the #1 Site for Author Interviews and Book Reviews related to Diet, Weight Loss, Fitness, Health, and Nutrition. ...more