Women's Shoes: Find Your Ideal Heel

When it comes to women's shoes, there's such a huge selection of heel heights, that sometimes it's difficult to decide which heel height to choose. Of course, I personally believe that you should always be at least moderately comfortable and that you should never wear shoes that cause you pain. Obviously, a very high heel - higher than 4" and especially with a pointy toe box - can be very damaging and cause a range of problems and ailments, including corns and calluses, bunions, and even irreversible knee and back damage. ...more

$1000 Jeans!

Would you pay $1000 for a pair of designer jeans? I mean, if you could. If this were within your budget, if you were a millionaire - would you be okay with paying $1000 for a pair of denim? Personally, I find the idea appalling, but I guess I'm clueless. More: Designer Jeans--Kelly...more

Last Season's Prada Shoes

I saw the movie Legally Blond yesterday and was reminded of the scene where the pool boy accuses Reese Witherspoon of wearing "last year's Prada shoes." Enrique Salvatore says, "Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey." Now, maybe I don't belong to the right social circle (Ha. Of course I don't!) but until watching that movie, I had no idea that you were supposed to buy a new pair of Prada shoes EVERY SEASON and that telling someone they were wearing "last season's shoes" was considered some kind of an insult. Frankly, I find it sad....more

Slouchy Trouser Jeans, Oh My

Madewell is a women-only, or should I say 20-something-women-only clothing line that was launched by J.Crew back in 2007.The clothes are kinda cute actually, and some of their jean designs for women are great.HOWEVER. For 2010, Madewell came up with what I can only hope is a fluke and not something that is going to take over for women's jeans in 2010 - the $110 Slouchy Trouser Jean.More: Slouchy Trouser Jeans--Kelly...more

Butt Lift Jeans. Oh My.

As I was browsing a certain blog, I couldn't help but notice an ad for "Butt Lift Jeans." I immediately clicked on the ad, curious to find out what these women's jeans were all about and whether they were really capable of performing a butt lift without a painful operation.The picture on the left says it all. The company, Telegaleria, sells all kinds of body shapers. Among its many offerings: Amkor Jeans, women's jeans that "discretely lift and shape" to give women (er or the men staring at them?) an "amazing rear view look."...more

Skinny Jeans Rant

Whatever happened to just going to the store and buying a regular pair of straight leg  jeans?...more

Junk Food Is Really, REALLY Bad for You

It turns out that a steady diet of fast food is bad for your mental health, not just for your physical health. A recent study has concluded that those who regularly eat high-fat foods, processed meals, desserts and sweets are almost 60 per cent more likely to suffer depression than those who choose fruit, vegetables and fish. ...more

Tips for repairing your shoes

Do you bother with repairing your shoes? I know that many women don't - there are less and less cobblers these days. Many of us simply toss our shoes every couple of years and buy new ones. I think the more expensive your shoes are, and the more you like them, the more sense it makes to repair them and to maintain them regularly. Regular cleaning is a must, of course - it's best to wipe off dirt and dust every night and to clean and condition leather shoes once a week.But a cobbler can do much more for your shoes....more

Am I Too Old for Jeans??

The short answer: No. No one is too old to wear jeans! Of course, denim started out as work clothes, then turned into a symbol of youth and rebellion. But these days, jeans are appropriate for any age - although you should probably still wear jeans that are age-appropriate. ...more

How to Keep Your Weight Loss New Year Resolution

As I said in my last post, most American people's New Year Resolution, year after year, is to lose weight. It's a little sad I think, because while we are all resolving to lose weight, we actually keep getting fatter! I think the only way to make it happen in 2010 is to stop being so vague. If you're one of the people who vowed to lose weight this year, make your resolution more manageable by making it more specific and less intimidating. ...more