Waffles, naps, and a Super Bowl feast

Sometimes you just need to spend a whole weekend being a lazy bum, which is exactly what I did the last two days. It was glorious. After getting my life back in order in the form of bleaching the house and vacuuming, I settled in for the rest of the weekend knowing I just wanted […] The post Waffles, naps, and a Super Bowl feast appeared first on Kelly Runs For Food ....more

Friday Favorites 2.5.16

Excuse me while I limp to the finish line that is the weekend. Good grief, this one was a doozy! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that February & March are pretty brutal in the admission world ....more

Work week kick-off {WIAW}

So the weather here doesn’t know what the hell it wants to do. source Alright, then. On the upside, the groundhog didn’t see its shadow yesterday, so that means spring is coming early ....more

A short weekend, but at least there was coffee

What day is it, Monday? Already? Ok, I’m ready… ....more

Friday Favorites 1.28.16

Good lord….This week has been a test of patience and strength, BUT there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a day off Sunday and I plan to spend it basking in sunshine. My reward for making it through a blizzard and 6 day work week will be sun and 60 degree […] The post Friday Favorites 1.28.16 appeared first on Kelly Runs For Food ....more

Watching the snow melt {WIAW}

So in case you missed Monday’s post, you know this is how I feel about the snow. Source Yep! Warmer air has come through and the snow is quickly melting ....more

Dear Snow…..You Suck

Snow. The bane of my existence. The snow they said would “all melt” overnight Friday with the rain ....more

Friday Favorites 1.22.16

Hey, friends! We’ve made it to Friday! I missed you guys last week for Friday Favorites because…well, I don’t really have a good excuse ....more

Breaking the breakfast streak {WIAW}

Holy icicles, it’s cold around here! As in, 15 degrees cold. And I hate it ....more

A date night at Bonefish Grill

Hey friends, what’s going on? The week is in full swing, but I’m on a super productive roll, so let’s just keep it on going! Today we’re talking about seafood and I’m drooling just typing this post ....more