Steve and Scott get married!

Tuesday night, Riley and I had the chance to be at the wedding of our friends, Steve and Scott. After being together for 25 years, they were finally able to take their vows and celebrate. Even though Tuesday was a long and stressful work day, I was pumped to be there ....more

Weekday Meals

Hey everyone! Today’s post will be brief because I was up late last night attending our friend’s wedding. We had a blast and I’ll tell you all about it once I can dig through all the pictures I took ....more

Blog updates and weekly workout plan

And just like that, my unexpected mini vacay is over….. Being closed Thursday and Friday for the snow meant I had an extra long weekend, which is pretty much unheard of for admission people this time of year. I’m going into the work week refreshed and MORE than well rested thanks to all the cuddle time with my favorite fur babies ....more

Friday Favorites 2.27.15

Oh heeey, happy Friday! Things probably look a bit different around here and that’s because I’ve decided once again to change a few things. Note to all who blog: don’t get three glasses of wine in and decide that’s a GREAT time for a theme change ....more

5 Fast and effective snow day workouts

Happy snow day! As much as I hate the snow, I can at least appreciate that it’s given me the next two days off from work. OK, Mother Nature, I’ll give you this one ....more

Juicing for dummies

About a week and a half ago, Riley surprised me with a new juicer for my birthday. I was really excited because I love different juices, especially green juice. I’d bought juice plenty of times, but never made it myself ....more

Grandma’s liquor saves the day + weekly workout plan

Hey friends! I missed you all on Friday, but life got crazy at work and I just couldn’t get it together. Hope you guys had a great weekend! ...more

Homemade spinach, ricotta, and prosciutto pizza

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for…today, Chef Riley reveals his secrets! The other day I got to follow Riley around while he prepared our homemade pizza and he gave me his tips for making sure it comes out good every time. Typically, my involvement in the pizza making process involves scurrying around the kitchen with my wine, “testing” the cheese and meat until Riley chases me out of the room ....more

WIAW- Snow Day Birthday Meals

First off, thank you so much for all the awesome birthday comments, tweets and messages yesterday! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in a new decade and it was made even better by the fact that we had a snow day at home. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the weekly WIAW party! ...more

And a new decade begins…

You guys, guess what?? I’m 30 today! Yesterday, while I was waiting for my carpool buddy to arrive in the morning, I snapped a selfie in my car to commemorate the last morning of being in my 20s ....more