My Thanksgiving Wish…

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! I will be spending my morning eating breakfast with Riley, sipping coffee by the fire with the pets, and watching the Macy’s parade. Later, we’ll head up to Richmond and spend the afternoon with my parents, sister, my sister’s boyfriend, and my niece ....more

Target Wins Again

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve! I’m on day one of my mini vacation, thanks to work being closed for Thanksgiving break. For the next five days, I will eat, shop, nap, shop, shop, and eat some more ....more

Date night and memories

Happy Monday! Today is an especially happy one for me because this is a two day work week for me. That’s right, come Wednesday I’ll be off for Thanksgiving break and I can’t wait ....more

Friday Favorites 11.20.15

Happy Friday!! I’m coming to you guys a bit later today since I apparently didn’t have my life together last night. All is well, though ....more

The Americano obsession is back {WIAW}

Chai lattes and I had our fling. It was spicy and exciting at first, but eventually the novelty wore off. I started craving the comforts of my classic ....more


Hey friends! Sorry I missed you yesterday. I would’ve been typing up my post for you Sunday night, but I was super busy ....more

Friday Favorites 11.13.15

The weekend is here! Everyone take a collective sigh of relief. We’ve made it and now we can stay up past 9 PM, live in leggings for 48 hours, and see if anyone notices that we celebrated no-shower-Sunday ....more

Turkey day came early {WIAW}

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week is going by nice and fast, thanks to a busy schedule. It’ll be the weekend before we know it ....more

The lazy girl’s guide to Thanksgiving

We’re only 16 days away from the biggest food fest of the year! Yes, I’m already stalking Thanksgiving recipes all over Pinterest and I’m sure you are too. I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons,...more

A short weekend + weekly workout plan

Monday came waaay too fast this time around. I had an event at work on Saturday that kept me for most of the day, so the rest of the weekend was low-key. After a couple of randomly warm days, a cold front came through Sunday morning that made everything chilly again ....more