5 Health and fitness apps to help you reach your goals

Can you believe it’s already June? I feel like we were just thinking about getting into “summer shape” and now it’s already here. Hopefully your fitness plans don’t start and end with bathing suit season, but in case you’re trying to ramp it up in anticipation of beach days, I’ve found some new apps to help get you ready or to just add in to your regular mix ....more

A beachy weekend + something’s up with my ankle

I can’t believe the weekend is over already! Even more, I can’t believe it’s already June. I feel like May went by so fast and I’m hoping the summer months with slow down because it’s my favorite time of year ....more

Friday Favorites 5.29.15

Hey, friends, Happy Friday! This week has flown by thanks to Memorial Day and my taking Tuesday off from work. Things have been SUPER chill around here this week and I love it ....more

Orlando vacation 2015

This has seriously been the month of vacations! First up was our St. Thomas trip (catch up on parts one, two, and three!), then I headed to Orlando, FL with my parents, sister, and niece for 6 days ....more

Post-vacation meals {WIAW}

Oh man, it feels great to be home! I had a great time in Orlando with my family (I’ll share pics once I have the chance to go through them), but I missed Riley and my fur babies, especially my little clinger, Coco. She basically latched on alllll day and wouldn’t leave me alone ....more

St. Thomas Days 5 & 6

It’s time to recap our final days in the Virgin Islands! If you missed parts one and two, I’d go get caught up first. Monday morning, we woke up and headed to a different beach on the island, Lindquist beach ....more

Goodbye Orlando + weekly workout schedule

Well, friends, vacation is officially over. It’s been a blast and I spent some awesome times with my family!...more

St. Thomas Days 3 & 4

We’re back with some more recapping of our trip to the Virgin Islands! This post covers my favorite day of the whole trip, so get ready for a lot of pictures. This one is another long one, but I love being able to put some of the details down in a place where I can look back someday ....more

15 Minute Hotel Room Workout

It’s vacation time again! I know, I know, I just got back. This is the month of vacations, though, so I’m back on a plane ....more

St. Thomas Days 1-3

Today I’m re-capping the first couple days of our vacation to the Virgin Islands. It’s a long recap, so I’m breaking it into a few parts, but I wanted to make sure I get all these memories down for later....more