Wow! What a difference two years can make!!! So excited to share again.

Oh my goodness!!!I've had this nagging feeling for a few weeks. I miss my blog. First, I would like to convey how much I enjoy writing entries and second, it is an added bonus that someone else out there may be interested in how I do things. I love to have and share my (not-so-much) wisdom....more

12 Days of Christmas, our holiday "bucket list" that makes our season stress free!

Years ago when our kids were younger (they are now 13, 15 and 19), we wanted to take the focus off of the retail madness that surrounds Christmas and the holidays.  Advertisers bring out the big guns during this season to entice kids and we, the consumers, are constantly bombarded with the idea we "need" a lot of stuff that we don't actually need.  We were tired of hearing the "I wants" and didn't want our kids coveting every new fangled toy, electronic or shiny-blinged-out-whatchamacallit....more
Wow.  What an extensive list. Love it.  How did Bowling get on that list?  ;) I’ve created a ...more

Dinner On the Cheap........Pork Adobo with Rice

This adobo is a Philippino version, it is great in the crockpot but can be done in the oven.  My kids go crazy for this and it only has a few ingredients.  It is a really tasty dish, if you prefer chicken it can be easily substituted. 1 pork roast, sized to fit your family. I usually use a 3-4 loin roast, I buy a four pack from Costco.2T olive oil32 oz chicken stock1 c. soy sauce1 c. cider vinegar3 bay leaves2 cloves of peeled garlic...more

maybe more is not the answer

Follow a nurse as she travels and shares her experiences.  Very inspiring! Beauty & BandaidsKELLY...more

Dinner On the Super Cheap...Corn and Potato Chowder

This is an easy dinner I came up with when I was "cleaning out" my pantry, freezer and fridge. The family loved it and so I added it to our dinner rotation. In a sauce pot caramelize 1 chopped onion and 2 stalks of diced celery in 2T. butter. Bacon, sausage or pancetta can be added and browned or you can keep it vegetarian. To this add 4-6 potatoes cubed into bite size pieces and just cover with water or chicken broth. Add 2 bay leaves and seasoning. Avoid salt, it is just absorbed by the potato and will be needed again at the end....more

Easy Swag/Flag Garland

When I forget to put my reusable bags back into the car, I will sometimes bring home paper grocery bags. After seeing such beautiful garlands lately, I thought it would be a great way to recycle them, (the bags) and an inexpensive way to decorate. I just gave it a trial run, no measuring, no exact anything just kind of winged it. I haven't decided if I'm going to add burlap or silver letters or both but I thought I would share the basic outcome. Super easy, if I do it again I will definitely use a ruler to get exact lines, make it a little neater....more
@Kellyand3kids Are your images already uploaded to the internet somewhere?more

Is it Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

The past few years during the holidays I have been working, usually to pay for the holidays. This year I am at home watching my infant niece while my sister is off at work. This allows me to be at home to take care of my family and cater to my kids and husband. I have been getting back to basics, since September I have pulled out all of my old recipes, menus, budgeting tools, you name it, to ease the financial strain of reducing our income to one pay check. I love keeping house, I love cooking and baking from scratch and I love, love, love the art of nesting....more
We usually start decorating during the first or second week of December, and then the kids ...more

Is the Art of Tying a Tie Lost?

I start my mornings off with a cup of coffee and Facebook. Last week as I read through everyone's morning posts, I catch a comical banter amongst some of the moms. It happens that this morning, many of us had sons that needed to dress up for an away, middle school (7th and 8th grade) basketball game. The coach requires slacks, button up shirts and ties for these away games....more

Dinner On the Cheap...Cottage Pie

This recipe can easily be adjusted to your own taste and family size. I never stick totally to a recipe, that is how I ended up with Cottage Pie. The original recipe came from an old '80's cookbook my mom was selling at a garage sale years ago, I believe but could be mistaken the author/chef's name was Jean Parr, I haven't seen the book in years and by this time this recipe is not even close to the Shepards Pie originally featured. COTTAGE PIE Preheat oven to 375* Start potatoes in a pot to boil and mash....more

Now I Understand Why Birds Toss Their Young From the Nest

My husband and I started our family in quite a backward manner. We met in high school as friends, many months later we became " boyfriend and girlfriend" as many high school students do. I was a senior who hated living with my normally, dysfunctional family and wasn't doing very well in school, I was not going to be able to graduate with my class, so I started working and was moving out into my own place....more
Yes, I think the frustration comes from knowing what the world has to offer her and vice versa. ...more