Safe Haven: reading chapters

Hey Everyone!Happy fourth of july! Need some inspiration click the link below for some outfit ideas. Today we are going to have a reading marathon! I am going to read from  chapter 3-9! It sounds like a lot but, the chapter are very short! I am going to my pond house and reading on the dock. I find it very quite and relaxing were I can just block all the noises out and really focus oon my book :) What are your plans for the fourth of july, comment below and tell me;) Well, I hope you have fun on your 2013 fireworks! ...more

Safe Haven 1-2 chapter answers

Hey Everyone!So yesterday I posted the blog 1-2 chapters. I listed questions and today I will have the answers posted! I am very sure you guys did very well:) Good Luckxoxo Kelly1. Who is Jo? Jo is Katie's next door neighbor.2. Why did Katie move to Southport? Katie moved to Southport to start fresh in life.3.Why is Katie scared that she will get to comfortable? Katie was scared that she will get comfortable becuase she didn't want to let loose or spill her past. ...more

Late night tea and read:)

Hey everyone! Welcome to late night tea and read! I am going to read chapter 1-2 of Safe Haven. I am so excited to get my hands on the book! The tea I am drinking is Bigelow tea which Can be purchased at your local grocery store or amazon:) Relax and clear your mind enjoy Safe Haven Good luck Xoxo Kelly ...more
@laurenmiller17 Aw thank you so much! I also thought the trailer helped me also! Good Luck Lauren!more

Safe haven blog chapter1-2

Hey Everyone!...more
I totally agree with you on being in this novel.... I think it is helpful to see the trailer to ...more

How to apply bronzer:)

Hey Everyone!Today I am going to change it up and do a beauty blog! Over bronzing your face is a common mistake some women do. The most important part is that you have a bronze fit for your skin type. Go a couple shade to dark! I am going to have step by step pictures you can follow to have a flawless kiss:)1. First step is to pick the right bronzer! My favorite is the Mac bronzer:)   ...more

Safe Haven Intro

Hey Guys!Welcome to the first Book club session! The book I chose to read for the summer is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. This is a romantic novel taken place in North Carolina. I will link were you can purchase the book..... Today I am going to assign a comment on what you know about this book and questions about itxoxo Kelly Link to the book:This verison is 20% off!