All I Want

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth (plus a bedside performance by Alvin, Simon & Theodore!) ) I wake up coughing, choking on the something that is scratching the back of my throat. I throw the covers off and the light on and in my hand is blood and a piece of a tooth. I think of the dreams, the countless nightmares I have had about losing my teeth, and how they are all coming true ....more

A Terrifying New Neurological Diagnosis

I swear to God, I must have been Hitler in my past life. I actually hate this line of thought; that we are reincarnated and paying, karmically, for the sins caused by our former selves. I'm also not quite convinced of karma ....more


Is it okay for me to admit that sometimes, it's really hard to see anything to be grateful for, because I'm in so much pain it's hard to see straight, let alone sleep or eat or socialize....more

In Which We Marvel

I spend so much time in bed, examining my brokenness. I slide my tongue over my teeth, counting the cracked ones. The craggy half teeth ....more

It's Not What You Think: Type One Diabetes

Over the course of my 28 years on this planet, I've received some crappy news. Like being told I had lupus. Or finding out I've been wearing the wrong bra size for all these years ....more

The One Where I Say Giant Nipple

I spent the weekend in the city with my friends, wishing Meghan and Declan a proper goodbye to London. On Sunday, Genevieve, Rachel and I spent the day ambling around Central Park and having cocktails and Important Life Talks. At brunch we were talking about almost being 29 and having to think about babies and I said, extremely confidently, that I did not want to have children anymore ....more

A New Venture: Photography

Check it out. ...more

Happy Birthday, Sadie.

Dear Sadie, Today, you are two. You've known you were about to turn two for awhile; every time I asked how old you were, you'd say one. Then I asked how you were going to be, and you said two! ...more

Do this, please! Hey, check this out! This is a great way to support the JDRF. Just print this flyer and bring it to a Walgreens or Duane Reade to get your flu shot and a portion of the proceeds goes to the JDRF, which goes toward research and care for type one diabetics ....more

A Light-Hearted Dispatch from Hoppy, My Newly Named Hospital Bed

I've officially spent 8 days here: Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Today is Thursday and I'm for another night ....more