Chicagolina 2014

The holidays were wonderful – the wedding was beautiful. We said goodbye to my dear Gramma, the day I turned 37. There are a million thoughts, but also, a few changes, and so, this space remains, but is perhaps a little less visited these days ....more


As far as blended families go, we never had it very rough. It never got very complicated. But that doesn’t mean we were always a smoothie ....more

It’s always raining

I remember the day he sang at this church. The call came in the middle of the night, literally. The opportunity was so refreshing ....more

day 24: they’re all here!

Post by Kelly Capriotti Burton. more on this subject Six years of… missing all our wishes ...more

day 22: little moments, big memories

more on this subject what leaders do Lovely weather to dance for you Today’s thanks ...more

day 23: for him

We’ve gotten to the point where we can joke about it, how I never liked high school boys when I was in high school, how I always wanted to be married, how Mer and Der and Liv and Fitz have to be based a little bit on us… But the truth is, getting to where we are was no laughing matter, and sometimes, living the dream doesn’t feel very fun. Thankfully, the rest of the truth is that the days we laugh until we cry and the days we fight until we laugh are equally important in our journey together. We raised kids ....more

day 21: birth stories

When I was waiting to have a baby and couldn’t (either because of circumstance or infertility), I loved hearing other people’s birth stories. I wanted to know all about the poignant, the painful, the gross, the unexpected, and the miraculous. Even more, I love having a birth story ....more

day 20: our neighborhood

It has beautifully colored houses of many shades…blues, greens, browns, red, orange, yellow…and then there is ours, which is… butter? cream? I don’t know ....more

day 18: a year of memories

Every year for Christmas, I make photo books for our daughters. Today was the day I compiled them for Randa & KK. I’ve learned a bit about how to theme them, group photos, and weed through hundreds of easy-to-take-with-my-phone sweet, fun, and silly moments from the year… but it is still hard to whittle it down to 20ish pages ....more

day 17: donuts and Jesus

I have a new mantra… a new little daydream…lately… When I get frustrated with American Christian culture, church drama, or something along those lines, I pose this question: Can’t we just be brothers and sisters eating donuts at the feet of Jesus? The first time I asked my friend De this, she told me “Um, no.”...more