What Do I Have Against Feminism, Anyway?

So, what do I have against feminism, anyway? Well, nothing, per se. I mean, if you look at feminism as a movement seeking to ensure equal opportunities and rewards for everyone regardless of gender, what could possibly be wrong with that? And to be fair, I think a lot of the early feminists - female and male - had just such a concept in mind. I'm not so sure about the movement leadership at the time, but it doesn't really matter what their motives were at this point, does it? ...more

Anti-Feminist Beliefs & Criticism, Or One Feminist's Impressions

I came across this article the other day, and it struck me as a good example of the disconnect between feminist ideology and the reality of life in the Western world. I know such examples are everywhere, but this one managed to cram so many (deliberate) misconceptions into one article, I thought it would be convenient to address them all at once. ...more

I hesitate to even respondĀ and know I shouldn't - but I simply can't help myself.

Just ...more

How I Reconcile My Abuse Issues With My Anti-Feminism

I received a question on my blog, and am addressing it here. Thank you, gubblin, for your question, and for asking it in a non-confrontational spirit. ...more

Special Report: The Trouble With Men, Article by Adam Dudding

Special Report: The Trouble With MenArticle by Adam Dudding ...more

Infidelity: Being Unfaithful Makes Me Happy

Woman, you can have it all! Isn't that what they tell us? Who cares if you don't qualify? We'll lower the entrance standards. Who cares if it hurts someone else? Who cares if you only see your children on weekends because you are working so many hours pursuing your "fulfilling career". It's the quality of the time that counts, not the quantity, right? They'll understand. Don't they want Mommy to be happy? Who cares if your husband is getting your boyfriend's sloppy seconds? Doesn't he want Goddess...erm...Wife to be happy? After all, if she's happy, she'll be a better wife and mother, right? ...more

my original post, or my replies? Cause if you're talking about the original post, you have a ...more