Signing Off

Attaining my graduate degree was a bit of a process. I took the long road with a few side trips to stop and smell the roses, I suppose. But, I finished and have that piece of paper. That's all that matters, right? That you finish.My adviser and I had built a relationship during that long and winding time. I trusted him and had faith in him and an immense amount of respect. He called me on my b.s. and I tried to make him laugh. Then he would call me on my b.s. some more. He was very highly ranked in the graduate school, the dean of the program, actually....more

Tea Parties & Putting On Pants

When I was little, it was a big deal every year at Christmas time for one of the girls in my class to host a Christmas tea.  I believe this was a tradition in her family, I'm not exactly sure.  It was an opportunity for all the mothers and daughters to come together for an afternoon of tea, cookies, and lady-like conversation. ...more

Unicorns & Sunshine VS. Devils & Darkness

My mommy raised me to always be a lady.  Above all else, be a lady.  I would leave the house to go out for the night and the last words spoken were always, "Be a lady!"  Not "Be careful", not "Watch out for shady people", not "Are you wearing clean underwear?", ok, that was NEVER said, I think it was just always understood, as it should be.  But, I digress. ...more

Charmed City

The spirituality in New Orleans is tangible.  You can literally reach out and touch the prayers and wishes and curses.  What's your persuasion?  Christian? Pagan? Voodoo?  Santeria?  Jewish? You won't have to look very far to find others who share your own beliefs and aren't afraid to invite you into their fellowship.I try to describe to people how the atmosphere in New Orleans is different, but I don't think you can truly understand until you are in the thick soup of prayer.  Being one of the oldest cities in America means that New Orleans has been the birthplace of many a call out to the Glorious Universe, and being one of the most spiritually diverse cities that I have come into contact, makes it feel as though all these prayers and passion are fighting with each other.  It ...more

Upbeat VS. Downbeat

For those who aren't in the know of reading sheet music, here's a little lesson:Music, when written, is divided into measures.  These measures are typically written in time signatures, that is, how many beats are in a measure. You have 4/4, which most music uses, 3/4 which is typically a waltz beat, 2/4 is a march (think Sousa), and 6/8 is crazy hippie dancing. Anyway, you get the idea.  4/4 means you count the music 1, 2, 3, 4....more

It's Girl Friday! (Or What it Means to be an Administrative Assistant)

I came across this interesting tribute to the American secretary this morning on Huffington Post that basically gave the history as to how the Administrative Assistant became known as an Assistant and not a Secretary, not a Girl Friday, and not an Office Wife. ...more