Falling For Friday Link Up / 17

Clocks!!!A few years back the hubs bought me a super fun giant clock that hung in my kitchen until the day it died… and then some. It was just too much fun to take down whether it worked or not. But with the move it met it’s doom in the can-o-trash and I find myself longing for a new one these days.We do have a giant bare wall behind the TV… maybe I’ll make it the clock wall…?Here’s a few fun clocks I found this week… ...more

alcatraz, inmates & sick babies

 Like I said before, the work crew hit up Alcatraz on Friday along with Pier 23 for some Crab sandwiches and Fish & Chips....more

photos, playtime and the park

Aww! He's a cutie!more

FREE printable meal planner

Meal planning.... yup, that's what's going on around these parts....more

pumpkin-cococut curry

 I'm so very happy to re-introduce you all to Natalie from Perry's Plate! Natalie and I go way back to the days of putting our husbands through graduate school, because that feels solong ago now. Her hubby graduated a year ahead of mine, and they are now living the dream in their newly purchased home....more

let's chat about chatter

LOL this was funny, and the boys hair is perfect for the words expressed.more