What I wanted to say...

Today I ran into my former doctor, the one directly responsible for dear son’s rocky start in the world. Coincidentally while I was waiting for an appointment. It was the first time I had seen her in almost three and a half years (the day dear son was born to be exact). I have still attended the same medical clinic all the while….because let’s face it, in the province I live in, if you have a doctor ( whether good, bad, or horrible) you are hard pressed to find any other doctor who will take you on....more

The "Right Time"

 As the parent of one child, inevitably there will always be someone (or a group of someones) that will want to have a “certain” discussion with you.  As a parent of one myself,...more

When Life Gets in The Way

When life gets in the way, it sucks the fun out of all things. When life gets in the way, expectations are raised yet more dissapontment is endured. When life gets in the way, standards slip…”just enough” becomes ok despite what you want or believe. When life gets in the way, you achieve mediocre (or less than) in many things instead of exceptional in some. When life gets in the way, guilt becomes a blanket that entangles you…never letting go. When life gets in the way, plans made ages ago seem to slip farther and farther out of grasp. When life gets in the way, you seem to l...more
Yes, I think we all feel this why. Life gets in the way A LOT. We often need to remember what is ...more

I Just got Told by my Toddler

I finally heard the phrase from Dear Son that I have both anticipating, yet dreading, for quite some time. Today he spoke a phrase that on one hand signals new and exciting experiences for him…On the other hand, this phrase signals the furthering of my dear son from his baby years… Today, while at the produce store, he looked me square in the eyes ( as if he was staring down his opponent in a hockey face off) and said “No Mommy…Me Do It!” The legitimacy of authority in his voice shocked me, Yikes!...more

Coming Full Circle

So I started my new job this week……… It’s pretty awesome. Its challenging, interesting, and……it’s also in the same organization my mother just retired from after 35 years of service. Yes, the place that my mom worked when I was born, where I attended Christmas parties for the staff children, where I used to race my sister down the hallways in office chairs after hours….well it is where I report to work each day. ...more

The Dreaded Mommy Guilt

Welcome to the world of Mommydome… Oh and here is your required guilt. Make sure you carry this around daily ok? Inherent with the job of being a Mom is the dreaded Mommy guilt. You know this guilt right?...more

I don't care if you don't like me....

I have been inspired by many wonderful Bloggers since joining We Blog: A Blogging Community. Some of the great blogs that I truly enjoy include; The Accidential Cootchie Mama, The Valentine 4, The Laine List, and The Wordslinger. Inspired by these wonderful bloggers, and somewhat trying life experiences, I wanted to try telling a serious story through a fictionalized medium. Please note: This story, though inspired by many different difficult situations is purely fictional. After finishing up with her work for the night, She took a moment to check on her social media updates....more

Yes... I am "that" parent....

This is an open letter to the parents I encountered in a packed indoor children’s playground this morning… Yes everyone…I am “that” parent and I am proud of it. I am that parent who will not “hover” less than one step away from my child at all times so when he plays he knows that “I am always there” to do things for him. I am that parent who; if my child takes your child’s toy, not only will I be on my child in less than a second, BUT I will return said toy to your child faster than my kid can say “sorry”. I am that parent who will give your child the benefit of the doubt in a conf...more