Jaderston Baby: 19 Weeks!

… How far along:...more

{Five} Things on Friday

… Good morning, Friday! I am linked up with April...more

Jaderston Baby: 18 weeks!

How far along:...more

Jaderston Baby: 17 Weeks!

… How far along: 17 weeks! and finally (kind of) a bump! How big is baby: About the size of an onion… 5.1...more

Kitchen Updates

… In the last two weeks we have made some small but major changes in our kitchen. The last time we did work on our kitchen was when we painted our cabinets white...more

Jaderston Baby: 16 weeks!

… How far along: 16 weeks! How big is baby: About the size of an avocado… 4.6 inches long and 3.5 ounces! I love all the fruit comparisons in the pregnancy apps ....more

Jaderston Baby FAQs

… Wow. We are so overwhelmed by your response to our exciting news last week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us in celebrating, loving, and praying for this little babe ....more

Let’s Celebrate!

… We are celebrating!!! Because… We are so so excited...more

Life Lately: Fall Edition

… Life lately has been pretty normal, but I’m gonna share the photos and give a little recap as we welcome Fall. Fall is definitely a season I welcome with open arms. I love summer a lot but once we get through August and the 100+ degree temps I am ready for a cool down ....more

My Favorite Tune

… Hey friends, Life is crazy busy right now with tennis season wrapping up and Fall being in full gear. My jobs are keeping me busy and I simply haven’t been making the blog a priority. I’m hoping October will change that, but I can’t make any promises. ....more