No More Sugar Coating, Panera's

Time for another "Rant or Rave" post. Saturday's shopping chores have always started with a trip to Panera's, for as long as they built one in my neighborhood. Two reasons..... I believe in eating, not drinking, your breakfast (meaning coffee, not smoothies) and it's a break and a nice treat, for me. Vacation, busy weekends and life disrupted our Saturday schedule lately and yesterday was the first time we went back in over a month. Let me tell you, lots can happen in a month. Seems the whole company is getting a makeover. New decor, new foods....more

Healthy Lemon Aioli Baked Potato Salad

Potatoes not only taste great, but they're good for you. One medium sized (5.3-ounce) potato, eaten with the skin on has just 110 calories and is packed with more potassium than a banana and half your daily value of vitamin C. And while potato salad is a much-loved traditional summer side, it can also be heavy on the calories and fat. ...more
This looks delicious! I will have to make it for our next barbecue!more

Jamaican Pork Tenderloin

Last week when I made the pork tenderloin for St. Pat's Day I defrosted the whole package, which always includes 2 tenderloins. I browned them both off but wrapped the extra one in foil and put it in the freezer. Since I am trying to clean out the freezer to get ready for BBQ season it is time to bake it off. I will make another fav of ours only because I have all the ingredients on hand.I probably could have baked this pork with over a dozen sauces but I guess I was in the mood for something sweet and spicy so.............more