Fun with Flowers and Foreign Languages

I'm all about Everyday Language--learning and using world language words in everyday contexts to show kids that learning can happen anywhere AND it can be fun, too!  Take a look at this simple project and see how easy it is to connect language and culture with a fun family activity.Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to get inspired than to create bunches of fun flowers to decorate your home.  These quick creations don't need water, sun, or plant food--just a little folding and twisting to make a neat bouquet!...more

I see London, I see France....a look at webcams around the world!

 A great vision of world cultureDespite their limited travel experiences, most of the kids that I know can recognize the Eiffel Tower in one second flat--but there is a lot more to Paris than just this giant landmark!  Webcams provide a different perspective that shows landmarks, as well as everyday cities, in a new light. A poster of a faraway place is like the photo-shopped model, tweaked or adjusted to put it in the best light.  A webcam is the live look at a place, with all the weather, traffic, and moving people to make it REAL....more

5 Ways to Help Kids become Globally Aware

We hear a lot about how kids today need to be "global citizens" and gain skills needed for the 21st century workforce.  But what is the best way to achieve this, especially for younger children?  And shouldn't they have fun learning at this age, without worrying about their international job prospects 20 years down the road? Here are some simple ideas to help you and your family become more globally-aware!...more