Working Well Under Pressure

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NaBloPoMo - Child's Play

 This is part of NaBloPoMo May2012 entries. Who did you play with as a child? I had a great small-town childhood in Cumberland, MD.  Everybody knew about half the rest of the town.  I can't think of a single kid in the neighborhood with whom I did not play as a child....more

Howdy from Kentucky

I've been on the internet for a while, but am relatively new to the blogosphere. Earlier this year, I found a site called Maya's Mom and have been quite active there. Turns out more than a few of them are active blogher bloggers. Actually, I was reading Little Elephants and saw an ad for the Coffee/Juan Valdez contest, clicked to enter and the next thing I know, VOILA! Here I am! I blog fairly regularly on two blogs: Back Porchervations ...more

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