Best Day of School EVER!

Friday, September 11, 2015 Tell us about your best day of school ever.  ~~~oOo~~~ I really tried to remember something from my days in public school.  And while many images came to mind, nothing stood out as "best day of school ever."  So I'm going to briefly related two days I remember from college....more

Working Well Under Pressure

Invisible Woman LuAnn Writing at...more

NaBloPoMo - Child's Play

 This is part of NaBloPoMo May2012 entries. Who did you play with as a child? I had a great small-town childhood in Cumberland, MD.  Everybody knew about half the rest of the town.  I can't think of a single kid in the neighborhood with whom I did not play as a child....more

Howdy from Kentucky

I've been on the internet for a while, but am relatively new to the blogosphere. Earlier this year, I found a site called Maya's Mom and have been quite active there. Turns out more than a few of them are active blogher bloggers. Actually, I was reading Little Elephants and saw an ad for the Coffee/Juan Valdez contest, clicked to enter and the next thing I know, VOILA! Here I am! I blog fairly regularly on two blogs: Back Porchervations ...more

I'm so glad Juan Valdez lured you in. I hope you'll wander around and leave some comments on ...more