Why You Are Married

My response to Tracy McMillian's article "Why You're Not Married" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tracy-mcmillan/why-youre-not-married_b_822088.html : WHY YOU ARE MARRIED ...more

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On some level, I do know that and have a deep respect for marriage. ...more

Why I'm Not Married

Why I'm Not Married There are a number of reasons for which I am not married but my own bag of issues will be saved for a later date, perhaps with a nice candle and Michael Bolton streaming in the background. Or Kenny G....more

How To Date An Old Guy

How to Date an Old GuyDating an older man is a lot like your first kiss; icky at first yet gets better with practice. You will needA positive attitudeMature tasteYouthful exuberanceStep 1: Practice sleeping patternsIn bed by 10, up by dawn – common protocol for men over 40.FACT: The early bird catches the worm. Step 2: Read the paper...more

Letting Go... And Saying Hello

I wrote a piece before Halloween comparing dating to market trends and dubbing myself an expert in market research and following trends. Though I wrote this as nothing more than a mockery on my singlehood, I surprised myself by accidentally summoning a man....more

Market Trends

Kerri Bradshaw is single again in the city. The big city. Though the dating market is flat right now, I'm predicting that initially it will remain flat and gradually start pick up just after the months end. The current markets are exhausted with a surplus of women all-too-ready to slut themselves out for this holiday we call Halloween....more