Monday Rerun: What's in a Word?

by RichBack in May, Northern Colorado Writers lost one of its members to cancer. Jerry Eckert was gruff on the outside but also extremely intelligent, kind, and thoughtful. He was a man of many talents and, over his seven decades, numerous adventures ....more

Summer Good...Summer Better.

Summertime and the living is easy. ...more

By April Moore"Go

By April Moore"Go ahead, ask me anything."There may be a few people who probably shouldn't tell the world to do this. Let's see Ted Cruz ....more

Monday Rerun: Lighting the Fuse

Post by Jenny Last year, I spent the Fourth of July at a family reunion in Topeka, Kansas. Say what you will about eastern Kansas in July, but it’s a firework lover’s paradise. As far as I can tell, everything is legal ....more

Being an Author Hurts So Good

By J.C. Lynne I've been on a creative binge lately. Sure, I discovered the line edits on my manuscript didn't save. Sure, I've struggled with structure on a new novel ....more

The Smaller Victories

by Rich Image courtesy of digitalart at Last week I received a call from my wife while doing something important at the coffee shop. Probably eating nachos and watching cat videos."Congratulations," she said with enthusiasm."Why?" I asked with caution, believing my sex video with Kim Kardashian had finally been released on YouTube."You sold two copies of Coffee Cup Tales at the bookstore," she said."Oh, neat," I replied with relief and a note to myself to call Kim and negotiate a settlement for the tape.Frankly, I had forgotten about the books I placed on consignment. Each time I had gone to the store the three copies of Coffee Cup Tales I gave them remained on the shelf with those of other local authors ....more

The Language of Kenpo

By Sarah ReichertAlmost a year ago, I began taking karate lessons from Fort Collins' long-established International Black Belt Academy ( The school holds with the traditions of both American and Chinese styles of Kenpo Karate. ...more

Making Words Count

By April Moore “My books already threatened to take over my part of the room and keep on going whatever cargoes of words I could lay my hands on I gave safe harbor.” ...more

A Delicious! Evening

Post by Jenny I recently had the opportunity (and by that I mean I bought a ticket, just like everyone else) to attend a local event featuring New York Times bestselling author and foodie extraordinaire Ruth Reichl. Fort Collins favorites Old Firehouse Books and Café Vino joined together to host the affair in the restaurant’s private dining room.I appreciate good food, but I don’t consider myself a foodie by any means. Although I try eschew processed meals, I’m not an imaginative cook and too often end up throwing a chunk of meat in the slow cooker ....more

Creativity and the Human Brain

by Kelly Baugh Recently I heard a TED Radio Hour episode about the interaction between creativity and dedication that set my little writer's heart fluttering. It was given by Charles Limb, a music cognition researcher for Johns Hopkins University. Limb and his team had jazz musicians play some tunes while hooked up to MRI machines ....more