The Wall

By Sarah Reichert My third novel is locked behind a big cement wall....more

Let's Get Aggressive with Passive Voice

By April Moore Writers are often warned against using passive voice. All right, but what is it exactly? Well, they’re words that can act like little pests that infiltrate your manuscript and render it into a wordy mess ....more

Fifty Shades of Write Away

Monday morning confession: I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey, and this essay, which appears in Write Away: A Year of Musings and Motivations for Writers (by Kerrie L. Flanagan and yours truly) is about as racy as I get. But it does include nudity, both literal and figurative, a Seinfeld reference, and a cameo by Bradley Cooper ....more

Conference Countdown: Entertainment

Post by Kerrie (NCW Conference Director)Only 34 more days until the 10th annual Northern Colorado Writers Conference! Woo hoo!This year, I am excited to have some great performers as part of the event. They are going to help make our 10th anniversary celebration a memorable one ....more

Top Five Reasons ...

by KellyI have a book coming out in March....more

How Do I Know What I'm Writing Is Good?

by J.C. LynneI’ve blown through my writer’s block. Let's have a party, no wait I changed my mind. I'll work instead ....more


By Rich I recently took my five-year-old daughter rollerskating as part of a fundraiser for her elementary school. Despite my doubts about her skating prowess, she adamantly told me she wanted to lace up. She did, and proceed to fall while walking, standing, and falling ....more

Conference Countdown: Is a Writer's Conference Worth the Investment?

Post by Kerrie2015 Northern Colorado Writers Conference InfoIs a writer's conference worth the investment?As a conference director, I know my answer to this question is a little biased, but I wasn't always a conference director. I entered this world of writing like everyone else; wide-eyed and excited about all the possibilities before me. I was hungry to learn all I could about writing and publishing ....more

Of Love and Writing

By Sarah Reichert Being a writer (of the romance genre) you would think I’d be in my element when writing about love, especially this time of year....more

I'm Just Saying . . .

By April MooreThe other day, my son, whose been reading To ...more