Crappy Parenting Gets Pushed to the Wayside

I sat in Princess's therapists' office, depressed, exhausted, numb, defeated. She explains to me something to try against a reoccurring behavior that sets me off like a grease fire at a shrimp boil.... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

In Retrospect

I've lost my ability to see ahead for Princess. I used to be so in tune with her. I could see a trigger a mile away. But it got to the point where everything was a trigger; it was too overwhelming,... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

In Which Kerrie Congratulates Herself

You know that feeling when suddenly you turn around one day and realize: your baby has a "schedule?" Not one you made up for her, but her own. You've got a good idea of what she's going to do when,... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

Mani-Pedi Fail

Hmm. I wonder what that is? There are those things that I can't really put two and two together on, and I know asking questions will not get me anything useful. Or even close to true. So I file the... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

Running Away from Big Girl Panties

I signed Princess up for Girls on the Run this year. Other activities I've tried with her have come to bad ends. With sports, she wants to do certain parts (being goalie, throwing in the ball,... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

Another Installment of "Things You Probably Haven't Said"

Brought to you by Kerrie. Be jealous. You know, I think it's really great you're excited about your new deodorant. It's ok to be excited about it: it's new, it smells good, and it's a clue that... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

The Long Walk

There's a quarter mile between my kids and their bus stop. Much to their chagrin, we walk. Anyone who wants to complain about it gets treated to my lecture series: "Why This Is Good For Your... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

And Yes I'm Whining About Homework Again

because I realize this blog might as well have the catchy name: "A Whole Bunch of Homework Interactions." But you know what? I embrace that. I accept that I bore random people to death with How... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

It's Not Faster That Way

Josh wants Princess to clean her room every morning before school. I'm kind of meh on it, so I let him follow up and all that fun stuff. However, the other day I realized that she has been folding... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more

I Thought Remorse Was a Rumor

"When Princess comes here, we're all about her. She gets all our attention, and she hasn't hurt any of us. So we end up seeing some different things than you're going to see at home. And one thing... Hey. This isn't the full story ....more