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I Woke Up (Suddenly) Single in the Playground of Life

I'm not Rip Van Winkle...I could have been Snow White - but, I drifted... After 20 years on the Marry Go Round, I carefully dis-embarked and was on a Teeter Totter beforeĀ  reaching the freedom and exhiliration of Swings -and being Single again. If you trudge through Divorce World - head and heart down - with your mind focused solely on getting through the sludge of judges, family court, lawyers, sharks...when you receive the document announcing your freedom - it is a barrage of feelings. Right?   ...more

Life in the Faust Lane

He Said There Were Only Two Kinds of Women

I met a man today who told me a secret. We were both attending a presentation about Financial Solutions in a Time of Chaos. I ...more

City Slickers or Slackers?

Making a List and Checking it Twice

I'm More of a Try ~Athelete...

Suddenly Single Minded and Flirting 101