What do you find UNDER your Bed?

I clean under my bed often because a dog ball or toy has made its way under there.  I guess it’s been a while because just a second ago I found:...more
It sounds like we have the same dog! I find similar items all of the time!more

Do your Kids repeat your BAD words?

The girls were playing at their table in our bedroom while I was getting ready to take them to school.  I hear “damn-it.”  Not unusual since I can’t seem to stop saying it although I have gotten better.  They can use it in perfect context as well which I find impressive for a 3 year old.Me from the bathroom: who just said damn-it?Both girls in unison blaming each other say: L said it, H said it...more

To Helmet or Not to Helmet

My husband is a dare devil with our kids.  They love all the fun things they do with Daddy, while the over protective Mommy nags on the side lines.  One hot topic that always comes up is safety pads and helmets.I have heard from parents on both sides of the spectrum.  For instance a girl I know puts a helmet on her 4 year old daughter when she rides her tricycle.  That seems very excessive to me... to finish this read please visit new2two at http://new2two.com/?p=1528 ...more

Fertility Friday 18

My dear friend is in the midst of fertility treatments, about 5 months now I think.  She was starting her 3rd round of IUI when they discovered a cyst on her ovary so they needed to stop treatment and deal with that.  As if she doesn’t have enough on her mind and heart.  After we talked for a little while she asked me how I dealt with “it” for so long.TO read more on how I handled my no's during my fertility process read here...New2two...more

UGH, The Patience Level....of a Child

Of a child that is.  Lately I have been closing the shower curtain on the girls during tubby time and this has created a few positive notes worth sharing....more

Kitchen Clean UP; Ideas????

My advice, if you care, is when buying a home to purchase one with the biggest kitchen you can find.  My next post will be find the biggest laundry room but I digress.  No matter what you think about a kitchen it is never big enough especially once you start having a family.to finish this read and see pictures please visit new2two. Enjoy!...more

The Nudist, flashback

I LOVE to go back through the journal I’ve kept over the years of the girls.  Actually I just document our life through shutterfly.  I have all the photos, calendar, journals, comments right in there nice and cozy for me to reminisce over anytime, anyplace. to finish this cute read and fun pictures visit new2two....more

Happy Valentine's Day or Damn-it Steve

I wasn’t sure whether to put this post in Damn-it Steve or here, so you decide.  Another holiday where every Mother, it seems, is on her game with super-duper homemade cards attached with homemade candy and personalized shirts for their kid to wear to school.  Gag!  Oh don’t get me wrong I want to be that Mom but ain’t no way it’s happening.  I was happy with the fact that my girls signed (first initial only) all their Valentines for their class mates.To finish reading please visit new2two....more

Wild on Land, Wild in Water

The girls and I try to explore as many playgrounds as possible.  It is an easy, cheap way to burn energy, have fun and take great pictures.  Because there is 2 of them I set clear boundaries.  No climbing the ladder apparatus and trying to make it to the platform and no trying to reach the pole slide like the firemen use.....to read the rest of this post visit  http://new2two.com/?p=1190 ...more

The Naptime Show

I really don't have much to say on the topic.  She is just a wild woman.  No fear.  She didn't even hear me open the door nor did she feel my eyes burning into her back.  You would think she would at least be lying down after her and H just got in trouble.  Why you ask?... to finish this adorabel read visit new2two at  http://new2two.com/?p=1129...more