The Connector

I got an email from a colleague recently who referred to me as "the connector." Her email read, "In 5 minutes Kerry connected me to 5 great folks." I will accept this as a compliment, a challenge and an opportunity. If you have a business, service, idea, or need, I would love to hear about it and see if there's an opportunity to help each other out. No charge for my time, of course. I subscribe to Seth Godin's theory that if you put out good, free information, you will be richly rewarded with opportunities you wouldn't have had otherwise....more

Testimonial Sponsorships

I work part-time from home, booking groups at hotels...a recent career switch to provide my family with maximum flexibility and hopefully, a somewhat steady income. Not to mention the travel benefits.However my career has been spent in marketing, working and volunteering for corporate America (too soul-killing), government (too red tape-y), non-profits (loved it, but where's the money? On that note, read Dan Pallotta's book, "Uncharitable." Great stuff.)...more

What Matters Now

I read the free e-book, "What Matters Now," over the weekend, after letting it sit on my desktop for many, many months. Read it, even though it takes an hour or more from your day. It will change you....more