NCLR Death Threat Punished in Court of Law

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You are Invited: After the Elections, Planning for the Future

Register Now: IPC Initial Meeting and Symposium Please join us in Washington DC on Saturday November 18th for a day of vision and faith as we plan for the future. BlogHer friends, today I'm blogging with an invitation. On November 7th the American people will vote for a new government. Progressive Christians across the states are hoping that Tuesday's election will bring change. But what happens after the elections? After the voting is done, what then? ...more

Women, Spirituality & Birds of a Feather by the pool

I am tremendously excited about tomorrow's birds of a feather break out session!! Earlier today I posted on, Where are the Women? Call me crazy, but I long to see more women leading the progressive movement- especially when it comes to the topic of faith. ...more

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The Catholic Church & Native People

I had promised in an earlier post to write a bit about the Catholic Church & Native people, so here goes... Earlier this month, I met an amazing man. He's native, from New Mexico, raised Catholic, but with a strong adversion to the Catholic church- not Christianity mind you, just Catholicism. ...more

let's talk about God...

Greetings, ladies. Back from vacation. Ready to post a few blogs. =-) In the name of thinking outside of the box and "unconventional blogging" if there is such a thing now as conventional blogging, what follows are some thoughts attached in free form verse. ...more

God is Love
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The Catholic & The Aethist: July 4th came & went and here we are

As some of you might know, I was scheduled to get married on July 4th, 2006 to an aethist. Perhaps it was because God intervened. Some might say that it was because there is no God. Whatever the case, the wedding is off. The guests have been informed. & he and I are trying to figure out if there is a future for us. ...more

Everyone just wants to be loved for who they are-not what they will become. That couldnt have ...more

Around the Dinner Table

We were told to go to dinner together as a group. The vision- that we would get a chance to talk amongst ourselves, as secularists and people of faith. Being the good retreat participants that we are *smile* we did & during dinner we went around the dinner table- 3 women of faith & 2 secular men- telling stories about our life, our faith/lack thereof, growing up in the U.S. and our commitment to our values. The characters- ...more

Hey Britt,

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Secularists? People of Faith?

When you hear the word secularist, what thoughts come to mind? How about when you hear the term people of faith? A few days ago I engaged in the most interesting of excercises. As a part of broader visioning excercise, I was asked to list on a flip chart all of the stereotypes about secularists that exist and in turn also list all of the stereotypes that I think that secularists might have of me, as a person of faith. There were about half a dozen of us doing this excercise. You can probably guess most of the list. ...more

Interesting question, I know you are referring to religious matters and I believe I'm a man of ...more

Turning Children into Footsoldiers for a U.S. Theocracy?

This is just scary. I'll share my thoughts about it later this week. On my way out the door at this moment, but I thought I should at least share a link in the interim. "The Purpose Driven Life Takers (Part 1)" ...more

Lessons I learned from & shaving my hair in college

Isn't it funny how reality can shift in a matter of seconds? In my experience, all it takes is a single word, pose or look to completely shift someone's perception of reality. & it all flows, seemlessly weaving itself into life & how life goes. <1--break--> ...more