Asiago Roasted Mushroom Mashed Cauliflower

I have been enjoying cauliflower mashed potatoes ever since I first tried them and today a have a really tasty asiago roasted mushroom mashed cauliflower to share with you! Mashed cauliflower is basically cooked cauliflower that is mashed and served as if they were mashed potatoes, a lighter, low-carb version! Normally I steam the cauliflower for mashed cauliflower but roasting it, which adds a ton of flavour, is always a good option and while you're roasting the cauliflower you might as well through something else, like mushrooms, into the oven to roast with it! ...more

Creamy Honey Dijon Chicken

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Spicy Roasted Corn and Jalapeno Avocado Soup

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20 Minute Thai Basil Beef

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BBQ Chicken and Grilled Pineapple Nachos

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Balsamic Maple Dijon Chicken with Bacon Sauce

Are you looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner that's just packed with flavour? This balsamic maple dijon chicken with bacon sauce will hit the spot! This one pan recipe is so nice and simple! ...more

Green Goddess Sandwich

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Roasted Corn Queso Fundido

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Sriracha Maple Miso Butter Grilled Corn

Grilled corn on the cob is one of the best things in summer! It's so amazingly good all by itself and even better slathered up in butter and sprinkled with salt! Of course Mexican street corn (elote), is always a great alternative! ...more

Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Avocados

Today I have a really quick and easy take on chicken and avocado enchiladas where the chicken and avocado enchilada filling is served stuffed in cool and creamy avocados! The recipe is as simple as mixing a mashed avocado with chicken, salsa verde and corn to make the filling which is stuffed into halved avocados. You can make the chicken enchilada mixture however you like so feel free to use a tomato or red chili based sauce instead of the avocado and salsa verde sauce, omit the corn, add beans, etc ....more