Sriracha Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

Up next I have some spicy sriracha teriyaki chicken meatballs that are just perfect for both snacking on while watching the game and for dinner. Anything teriyaki starts out with a teriyaki sauce and I like to make my own, especially when it's a simple combination of salty soy sauce with something sweet like mirin or in this case brown sugar. (Teriyaki sauce usually also contains sake but it's ok to omit it here.) These meatballs begin as you would expect with some ground chicken along with an egg and breadcrumbs as binders and they are seasoned with green onions, garlic, ginger and a touch of the tasty homemade teriyaki sauce ....more

Creamy Parmesan Sundried Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Cauliflower Soup

It's time for another comforting soup recipe to stave off the chill weather and this time is a creamy parmesan sundried tomato and spinach tortellini cauliflower soup! When I hear the word creamy in a soup I immediately think of copious amounts of heavy/whipping cream but in this soup I get the creaminess by using pureed cauliflower which gets things nice and creamy while keeping it light and healthy! Up next is the sundried tomatoes and I use a jar of oil packed sundried tomatoes where I puree half of them to infuse the soup with their flavour and I slice the remaining tomatoes so that you gets hits of their intense flavour when chewing on them! ...more

Htipiti (Greek Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Cheese Dip)

Htipiti (or tirokafteri or tyrokafteri or tyrokavteri) is a Greek style whipped feta cheese and roasted red pepper dip or spread and with game season on I just had to whip up a batch! At it's base this dip typically consists of feta, roasted red peppers, hot peppers, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic and it is all pureed or whipped into a dip. In this version I use use a roasted jalapeno pepper (which I roast at the same time that I make the roasted red peppers) as the hot pepper and I like to add some sun-dried tomatoes for an extra kick of flavour ....more

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

While I was thinking about snacks for the upcoming game day party I got a bit nostalgic about two of my favourite finger foods, buffalo chicken wings and jalapeno poppers, and I had a brilliant idea, why not combine them in the form of jalapeno popper stuffed buffalo chicken meatballs? I started out with a base of ground chicken for the chicken wing theme to which I mixed in finely diced carrots and celery, which are commonly served with wings, along with onions and garlic. I then moved onto the jalapeno popper side of things and combined chopped up jalapenos with poppers common fillings, cream cheese and cheddar cheese, along with some bacon for good measure ....more

Italian Sausage Stuffed Pepper Soup

With the chilly weather soups have been dancing through my head and my new favourite is this italian sausage stuffed pepper soup! This soup is based on the flavours of stuffed peppers, which are usually peppers stuffed with good stuff like meat and rice in a tasty tomato sauce. Often ground beef is used but I like to use Italian sausage to add extra flavour and a bit of heat! ...more

Butter Chicken Poutine

The other day I was eating some butter chicken (an India dish with chicken in a creamy, mildly spicy, tomato sauce/gravy) and as I was enjoying it I thought, wouldn't this be great served over fries and cheese instead of rice? (aka Butter Chicken Poutine) Poutine is a dish where fries are served topped with melting cheese and gravy and I was thinking that the butter chicken 'gravy' would be amazing in poutine form. I mean you really can't go wrong throwing a really tasty gravy on top of fries along with cheese that is all melty and good? ...more

Balsamic Honey and Mustard Pork Chops

For todays recipe I use what I sometimes feel is an under appreciated ingredient, pork chops, and these balsamic honey and mustard pork chops are far from ordinary and certainly not boring! The pork chops are marinated in a tasty sauce that starts with the classic honey and mustard flavour combo to which balsamic vinegar is added along with garlic, soy sauce and sriracha for some heat. The 'secret' ingredient in the sauce is some blackberry jam which adds a hint of fruitiness and since you can change the flavour of the jam whenever you want you get a completely new dish each time.To make these pork chops, you just need to marinate them in the sauce, cook then in a pan (or on the grill) and then cook the remaining marinade down into a thick and tasty sauce to serve over the chops ....more

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

With the colder weather I have been thinking about soups more and I thought that I would start out with this nice and hearty, light and bright lemon chicken orzo soup. This soup is essentially a take on a chicken noodle soup using orzo as the 'noodle' and it emphasizes brightness by the use of lemon juice and zest along with plenty of fresh parsley. In addition, I like to add a touch of thyme for some earthiness and a bit of tarragon which perfectly complements the bright flavours of the soup and adds a hint of the exotic with its anise-y and vanilla-y undertones! ...more

The Best of Closet Cooking 2016

As is the tradition I will start the year off with a new cookbook, The Best of Closet Cooking 2016, which contains the 25 tastiest and most popular new recipes on Closet Cooking in 2015! I have collected these recipes into one easy to use cookbook for your convenience! The Best of Closet Cooking 2016 is available completely for free by subscribing to the free Closet Cooking email newsletter that will deliver all of the tastiest new recipes to your inbox, fresh out of the oven!If you are already subscribed to the Closet Cooking email newsletter, look for the link to download the cookbook in a recent email from 2016 ....more

The Best of Closet Cooking 2016 Cookbook

The 25 tastiest and most popular new recipes on Closet Cooking in 2015, collected into one easy to use cookbook for your convenience. The Best of Closet Cooking 2016 is available completely for free by subscribing to the free Closet Cooking email newsletter that will deliver all of the tastiest new recipes to your inbox, fresh out of the oven! Never miss a new recipe! ...more