Paint ALL the things!

Sometimes I'll have an idea and it will just take off in my brain. This particular idea came to me while shopping at Michael's the other day. And of course once it was in my head, there was no turning back ....more

Big News

Friends, I've been holding out on some very big things happening in my life lately. First of all I graduated from my beloved Texas A&M this May with my degree in elementary education. It was an incredibly proud moment in my life ....more

Spring Clean

I finally got around to organizing my craft supplies. I put it off when I first moved in and before I knew it my closet looked like this:  ...more

Home Tour

Basically my entire Christmas break was consumed making my little space a home. I saved for months to buy furniture, and am proud to say I made it work on a fairly tight budget. I did everything I could do  myself including sewing pillows, rugs, and making a tv stand. The rest I either purchased out right or put on credit. One thing I didn't want to do was waste money on cheap pieces of furniture that would only ...more

Trendy Chevron Rugs Are Expensive - Why Not Make Your Own

[Editor's Note: Katy from Sweet Verbena is starting to furnish her apartment. Like many of us she just had a rude awakening about how much rugs costs. Even 'cheap' machine rugs are not that cheap. This crafty lady was not going to let something like expense come between her and a chic chevron rug. Oh no. Prices be damned, Katy just decided to get all DIY about it and sew her own. You can too if you pop over to her blog and follow her handy dandy tutorial. - Jen]...more

Exposed Zipper Top: a tutorial


Let's catch up, shall we?

I hate that this has been such a recurring theme around here lately. I won't bother with the excuses, because you know how it goes. You're busy, I'm busy, we're all busy. If I'm honest, it's more than just that. Sometimes I just don't have the motivation to put time and energy into my blog. I always figured that Sweet V would grow with me and there would be times in my life that I would put more into ...more

Jack-o-lantern Top: a tutorial

For the past few weeks I've been student teaching two days a week in a kindergarten classroom. I never thought kindergarten would be for me, but I am LOVING it. I'm starting to remember why I picked the teaching field to begin with. My classes have a way of beating me down with all the projects, papers, quizzes, etc. that seem to be...well, useless. Being in the field has reignited that passion I felt when I first started college . ...more

Serger 101