How A Seahorse Changed a Regular Evening Into An Adventure

As most everyone is aware, Tropical Storm Debby hit the Florida Gulf Coast last week.  I had never been in a tropical storm and was really excited to see what all of the fuss was about.  The sky was grey, the rain dumped, and the wind was blowing.  It really wasn’t much different than some winter storms in my home state of Washington.  However, it did close the bridge between my home and my office so I got to work from home most of the week!...more

Fine Line Between Encouraging and Crazy with Young Children's Sports

I can’t sleep.  It is two in the morning and I am awake, replaying an earlier conversation with my daughter’s gymnastics coach and trying desperately to just “Let it Go” so that I can go to sleep.  It is not working.  I get up to write an email.  I start to write my thoughts on paper.  Today, Rosie’s coach told me that Rosie just wasn’t bringing focus and determination to practice and she would have to be demoted to the lower team. ...more

We just had this talk in my house. We have friends who we don't see anymore because they are so ...more

I'm Scared of BlogHer

I am kind of scared of going to the BlogHer conference.I know that there must be lots of bloggers who feel the same way but I feel odd about it.I mean, in my day-time life, I am a professional working woman and networking conferences and meetings are the norm.  I know what it feels like to chat up people that I don't know.  I know how to act professional yet personable.  I know how to collect and pass out business cards.I am prepared with my business cards, my site all clean and ready for view, and some new shoes to wear....more

Ten Tips for Planning Family Summer Vacations

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means: Summer Vacation Planning Time! But, before you roll your eyes and groan, I want to give you a few pointers that may make your planning easier and even a little bit fun. Planning vacations is one of my favorite things to do, and I think I can help make it fun for you too with these ten easy steps to summer vacations. ...more
Thanks for the advice on trip planning. Your pictures at Disneyworld made me really want a ...more