Why I Walk? To Speak Up and Speak Out: Finding My Voice in Recovery

I was honored that this guest blog was published last Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 in the Huffington Post, in an effort to inspire and encourage survivors and advocates to come out and participate in the 2013 New York City NEDA Walk.  I am re-producing it here because I believe it is a positive message for those struggling, and a part of my own story. Enjoy!...more

Changing Hearts & Minds: The Power of Pathos and Logos in the Fight Against Weight Stigma

I am an advocate. I have been since I had the great honor of serving as Miss America in 2008. An advocate for what? The greater awareness of eating disorders, their serious health consequences, and the stigma that surrounds mental health illnesses in general....more

Feeling Brave? Run Away From Routine.

I love to run, but usually in a climate-controlled environment, on a treadmill, with music blasting in my ears. However, on a recent trip, I wasn’t able to get to a gym, so decided to hit the pavement outside instead. I thought that running outside wouldn’t be much different, and certainly not any less enjoyable than my “norm,” but boy, was I wrong!  ...more

It's Not About Miley Cyrus. It's About Our Culture.

 To begin, it is important to recognize that in its history, MTV has long been out for ratings, publicity, and pushing the boundaries of what is considered tasteful far more than it has been for promoting good values or showcasing talent. The network has taken the proverbial PR cake with the latest Miley Cyrus “performance.”...more
@Olga Pina I was treated like an object in Mexico too, just like in the US. Leered at, hit on, ...more