My Online Friendships are REAL Friendships

I have a good friend that said to me a few months ago, “Well, you know that this isn’t real life, right?” referring to my excitement about interactions on social media related to my blog. I quickly responded with, “Of course, I know it’s not real. I can just walk away from my computer any time.” But then I started thinking.  ...more
I totally agree with you.  I've been accused of spending too much time on the internet with my ...more

10 Reasons Why I Homeschool

People regularly ask me why our family homeschools. I came up with a list of 10 reasons (there are more) along with a few negatives that sometimes make me question why we homeschool. My kids are currently in third grade, second grade and preschool (age four)....more
@mcknittles Wow, that's really awesome that you found those classes. You know your son better ...more

I Was Suspended from Twitter

Last week I spent 16 hours suspended from Twitter. For about two weeks I had been manually following 100 to 200 accounts per day in an attempt to get more traffic to my blog. At some point in each day I'd go to and un-follow the fart-heads accounts that hadn't followed me back within the past four days or so. Last Monday, I was suspended for “following aggressively.” ...more
I forgot to comment before that I had a great laugh about your Twitter Jail Sentence! Lol! I ...more