The Last Eight Weeks

Hello! It's been a while. Last time I checked in I had just DNF'd my first race and was dealing with piriformis syndrome ....more

Piriformis Syndrome: A Literal Pain in the Butt

First of all, thank you for the kind, supportive comments on my last post. Dropping from a race is never fun and certainly not something any of us set out to do. But, shit happens ....more

D to the N to the F

I'm not even sure how to start this post. It's one I hoped I'd never have to write. Sadly I had to drop out of the Lehigh Valley Marathon yesterday around mile 13.5. My first DNF ....more

The Time 20 Miles Kicked My Ass

As karma would have it, days after I posted about how running 50 slow miles every week didn't feel like real work, I got kicked in the ass by my 20-miler this Sunday. The first half of the run went well enough. It was actually a little bit chilly when I left the house at 6am ....more

How to Run 50 Miles Per Week & Still Feel Like The Laziest Person Alive

Running, like anything you've been doing habitually, becomes just that - a habit. Waking up an hour before you really need to so you can get those...more

Fall Marathon Season: 5 Weeks Out

Last week was a cut back week. I was shooting for about 40 miles, however I spent Saturday (my rest day) visiting my sister in NYC and we ended up walking 9+ miles. So, instead of setting out for a long run Sunday morning, I slept in and sat on the couch all day watching Breaking Bad on Netflix ....more

Berlin: What to Do & What to Eat

Every summer since we have been together, Mike and I make a point to get away for a week, usually traveling to Central America or the Caribbean. This year I really wanted to go to Europe. It had been a few years since I'd been transatlantic and was dying to get back, even if that meant leaving my relaxing beach week behind ....more

49 Miles in Berlin

Forgive the absence. Mike and I just returned for from a wonderful 8 days in Berlin. I will save the trip details for a later post ....more

Exhaustion and Rest Days

After a bit of a set back after the River Towns Marathon, I am very happy to be running pretty much back to normal. Normal being my usual 5 days per week of Tue-Wed-Thurs-Sat-Sun. I am also quite excited to be biking to work again ....more

On What to Do When You're Injured

Every day I find myself perusing the r/running thread on Reddit. I follow race recaps, check out people's accomplishment stories, and follow the polls and questions that innumerate the board. Things like "How to deal with Gnats While Running" and "Favorite GPS Watches". ...more