How to Potty Train in 12 Months – And Why It’s Easier Than 3 Days

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10 Miracle Phrases to Help You Reconnect With Your Child {Printable}

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10 Moments That No Parenting Book Prepares You For

You can find a parenting book on just about everything: The secrets to surviving the baby stage, Strategies for stopping sibling rivalry, and How to raise the perfect child through guilt and manipulation. Shoot, I even wrote a parenting book myself about how to find happiness in the chaos of parenting life. Even so, no matter how well the parents who’ve gone before you try to pass along what they’ve learned, you end up encountering a few moments you’re never 100% prepared to handle ....more

3 Simple Steps for Teaching Empathy in the Most Authentic Way

Inside: This is a deceptively simple but powerful trick for teaching empathy. Next time you’re out in public with your kid, just follow these 3 easy steps. When I’m out in public with my kids and I hear another kid crying or throwing a temper tantrum, I’m not proud of the first thought that crosses my mind ....more

The Life-Changing Phrase You Must Use When Parenting Tweens

Parenting tweens can give you whiplash if you’re not careful. It typically starts out a little like this: Your kid tracks mud through the living room, and you snap. She hangs her head, and you’re not proud of snapping at her ....more

7 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Under a Sleeping Baby

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18 Things All Sisters Should Do Together Before They Turn 18

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This Is to You, the Mom Who Leaves for Work

Inside: This is to you, the working mom who leaves your home every day to support your family. But first, a caveat: This is not intended to discount the experience and daily challenges of moms in other situations or even of dads. Parenthood is parenthood, no matter the circumstances ....more

7 Sanity-Saving Hacks to Beat Holiday Stress {Printable}

Inside: These proven hacks are like a vaccine against holiday stress so you enjoy Christmas and the winter season to the fullest. Every year on the morning after Thanksgiving, we pick out a Christmas tree. And before you get the wrong idea: We don’t drive out to the country and pull it up by the roots, National Lampoon style ....more

The Best Solution for When Kids Refuse Hugs

In my family, we don’t force our kids to hug or kiss family members. Here’s why: We believe that forcing physical affection teaches our kids that they aren’t in charge of who touches their bodies. If one of our kids ends up in the horrible situation of having an adult touch them in an inappropriate way, we want our kids to feel confident in saying no and getting the heck outta dodge to a safe place ....more