Toddler Book Club Activity–Blackout, By John Rocco

Not too long ago, I shared a very popular post on toddler book clubs. Here's my follow-up to that--the first in a new series of toddler book club book suggestions and activities!  “Sometimes, when the lights go out, it’s a good thing.  It’s magical” ...more

Start Your Own Little Free Library

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5 Things to Know About Reading with Your Young Child

                                                1.  Read Early, Read Often ...more

5 Tips for Hosting a Toddler Book Club

 A few months ago, Gorgeous Millie, the teacher led play group that my daughter and I attend in Austin, Tx, sent out a blog post on book clubs for kids.  In it, Allison Metz (PhD in early childhood development) touts the benefits and give suggestions for making one work....more
As a social worker, I agree that this is a GREAT idea for this age group of kids. And what a ...more