5 Stages of Grief meets 50 Shades of Grey

All writers dream of the kind of success enjoyed by 50 Shades of Grey. We agonize over our own books, tweaking and tinkering, knowing we’ll probably never make a cent for all our pain. Then, just as we’re doing cartwheels over selling two in the same day, someone comes along and sells a gazillion...more

Blonde Pickup Sticks

I could try and blame it on the cold medicine I was taking at the time, but I think I skipped that day. Looking back on it, I realize now it was a willful act of defiance, and I got what I deserved. The Challenge: Two boxes of angel hair pasta;...more

Bother-in-Law’s House of Horrors in Pennsyltucky

I am one of those lucky people who has in-laws they adore. ...more

And You Can Forget Vacation Sex

My husband and I, of course, never have sex. That would be disgusting. (Ok, that first line was in case anyone from...more

New Romantic Comedy – Slightly Stalky

So for all the people who said, “Eh, you’re kind of funny, but what’s with the homicidal angels? Were you drunk when you wrote Angeli?” (and by people I mean my mother and mother-in-law… and by drunk the answer is ‘yes’) do I have a treat for you! A NEW Romantic Comedy! ...more

A Short Conversation with my Dog about Vacation

ME: Here we are! Sunny Florida! Ok, so maybe this isn’t that bad ....more

The Grade School Boy Who Haunts My Dreams

In case anyone’s on the fence about whether grade school traumas stick with people, I’d like to share this incredibly embarrassing little ditty. Top to bottom Winner, Glenn, Bobby, Andrea, Me (middle) and Jackie. Thanks to Andrea for this photo ....more

I Miss Out on a Great Disease

My parents have this thing where they don’t tell me a certain disease or inclination runs in our...more

Personalized Photo Holiday Card Ideas for People Without a Bunch of Adorable Children

Every year I get a slew of cards from friends and family covered with adorable photos of their children. ...more

Top Five Matthew McConaughey Halloween Costume Ideas & Jim Carrey SNL Spoof

Body paint yourself totally black. You are nothingness. One last midnight ....more