Mommy My Tongue Tastes Funny

My 6 year old daughter walked into the kitchen the other day and said, "Mommy my tongues tastes funny!"  When I asked her what she had put into her mouth, she replied, "Nothing."  Of course, as she stood in front of me with her tongue sticking out and making a slight gagging sound, I knew that she was not teling me the truth....more

Clear the smoke? Health Impacts from E-Cigartettes

Despite the fact that traditional cigarette consumption has been on the decline in the United States since the mid-1970s, the use of electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” among adults and teenagers is becoming more and more prevalent. These devices are regularly marketed as a safe alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, and are promoted as smoking cessation aids, similar to nicotine patches and nicotine gum....more

National Poison Prevention Week

National Poison Prevention Week is March 16-22, 2014. It is designated as the third week in March every year to highlight the dangers of poisonings and how to prevent them. The United States Congress established Poison Prevention Week in 1961, and the Poison Prevention Week Council coordinates and sponsors this annual observance of poison prevention awareness. Accidental poisonings are a leading public health problem....more Receives Risk Communication Award

On January 15, was honored with the Alliance for Chemical Safety 2013 Risk Communication Award. The risk communication award recognizes a company, organization or individual who has shown outstanding leadership in communicating about chemical risks. The award is based on several factors such as the objective of the communication, size of the intended audience, availability of public interaction, effectiveness of the communication, number of organizations involved, and alignment with the Alliance for Chemical Safety’s mission to promote public understanding and involvement in chemical risk management. ...more

Learning my 5 year old has Asthma

I has never really thought about what could trigger asthma in a child, as both my daughters did not appear to suffer from asthma.  Little did I know, I was wrong about that. ...more

Up in Smoke? Health Impacts from Wood Burning

With the approaching snow and ice storm in the midwest, lots of people will be restocking the wood pile next to their fireplaces and wood burning stoves.  Can using a wood burning stove or fireplace pose a threat to my health?...more

Mommy, Do I Have to Get a Shot?

 After listening to my 5 year old cough, off and on, for 8 days and then running a low temperature (99-100 degrees) fever for 3 days, I called our pediatrician.  As we pulled into the parking lot at the pediatrician's office Saturday morning, my daughter asks form the back seat, "Mommy, do I have to get a shot?"  I reassured her that no she would not get a shot at this visit, but next week for her 5 year check-up would be a different answer.  At this visit, the typical exam was done and she was diagnosed with atypical pneumonia treatable with antibiotics.  The next visit she would be finishing her immunizations/vacccinations, getting ready for Kindergarten in the fall, so shots are in her near future....more

Taking the Boo! out of Halloween

Super heroes, monsters, and princesses…oh my! Halloween is fast approaching and is often a favorite holiday for kids. You dress up and get lots of candy for free; what’s not to like! However, Halloween can present some safety concerns for parents. Make your Halloween safe and happy by following these safety tips.Chemical Safety. There are a few chemical safety issues to be aware of during the spooky season, such as...more

Why is fluoride in my drinking water?

The most popular topic on the website is fluoride in drinking water.  When you think about it, it makes sense that it is a "hot" topic as we utilize drinking water on a daily basis.  ...more