Simple indulgence - Vanilla Bean Icecream

This gloriously simple icecream can't be beaten. All the complicated fancy icecreams out there, the cookie cream confections and english toffees are just blown out of the water. Creamy, rich, pure... sublime. Full recipe on my foodblog     ...more

Blue cheese and Pineapple soup

I had a challenge ahead of me... in 24 hours, invent a brand new recipe using pineapple and blue cheese.  A strange sounding combination perhaps but with molecular gastronomy they are complementary.  Thus blue cheese and pineapple soup came to be.               ...more

Frenzy of baking

I cant stop baking! The latest invention were wee lemon mousse tartlets: something I whipped up (quite literally) to take as nibblies at the concert I sang in last weekend. They were a great success, and I caught one of my fellow singers polishing off 6 in a row! ...more

Baking for Christmas

At this time of year my mind turns to baking. I just can't help myself! So... what have I been cooking? - shortbread - Finnish spice biscuits - chocolate musical notes - honey snaps - grown up chocolate crackles - almond and ginger slice Sometimes the hardest part is giving these goodies away! ...more