T'was the night before school starts...

T’was the night before school starts, and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, except maybe the cat, who was hunting a fly, The backpacks were hung by the front door on hooks, Filled with snacks, pencils, and shiny new notebooks. The children were all snuggled down in their beds, While visions of desks and recess danced in their heads. And me in my nighty and daddy in his shorts stomped all our feet, While planning healthy lunches the children would maybe, hopefully, be willing to eat. ...more
*Love*   Happy first day of school to you.more

What if you had a drinking problem? How would Facebook look to you?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not an alcoholic. I'm not even a heavy drinker. I enjoy a glass of wine here and there at dinner or out with friends, but, in reality, I loathe losing control of myself and my emotions. In fact, I can distinctly remember the handful of times I've drunk myself blotto, and let me assure you, you really only do need one hand to count the occasions....more

When Your Husband Doesn't Want More Children

"It's a boy."The news came through on Facebook—telegraph of our generation—and my heart plummeted.As gloom settled over me I honestly thought that it was sadness for her that brought me down. My friend had so desperately hoped for a girl, I was heartbroken for her. A boy. Her third. And then, later, after receiving a gushing text, overflowing with love for her new baby boy, and noticing that my gloom only deepened, I realized that my sadness was for me, not her....more
My husband agreed before we were married to having 4 children.  My first pregnancy was ...more

Why I Don't Want to Raise My Kids in Paris

Yes, Paris. City of love. Home to perfect baguettes and croissants. Amazing architecture and everything else you've heard about it. And Paris, home to hair-pulling bureaucracy, ancient rituals and systems, and societal norms mired in tradition. That last line is the reason we don't live there now, the reason -- much to M's chagrin -- we will never live there....more
Thanks for the article. Too many Americans take what we have for granted. Living abroad for a ...more

Use Your Voice: A Conference Lesson

When you open your mouth to speak, what voice comes out? Your "Mommy" voice? Your "honey come here now" voice? The voice that society or someone else has told you is the voice you should be using? You have a voice. It's there for the using. Are you letting it speak? The people I most admire are the people who only ever use their own voice. It takes guts to use your own words and share your own ideas. You have to believe in yourself and not care what others will think or expect. ...more

I Am Not Superwoman

Once, years ago, when I was still hellbent on proving to everyone at work that I could, and would, do everything and anything they asked of me, and do it with a smile, I hit my breaking point. My boss asked me to have something done by the end of that day and it was just the one thing too many. I didn't tell her it was too much. I didn't ask her to help me prioritize. I just sat there and I started to cry. ...more

The Secret to Online Success

"Don't ever say you're just a blogger." I said to the conference room filled with hopeful faces, each waiting for me to deliver the secret to using a blog to land "gigs." "You're so much more than that." I left it at that, but I should have added one more line. "But in the end, you're nothing if you don't believe in yourself." There's a process to succeeding online or anywhere. First, decide where you want to go. Second, believe you can get there. Third, find and arm yourself with the tools you'll need to arrive. What. Is. Your. Goal? ...more

Are you the parent your parents were?

I'm willing to bet good money, or at least some of the fantabulous chocolate cupcakes that I made this evening, that at one point or another during your teen years you swore, or even maybe yelled, that you would never do what your parents did or be like your parents were.Am I right?I attended another one of the preschool mom's meetings today and we touched on the topic of the kinds of parents we want to be. I'd say we covered the topic, but really who could possibly cover such a loaded subject in a mere hour and a half....more

Probably the thing that I value most and want to emulate is my parents approach to ...more

So you want to start a blog...

You've been reading lots about blogs in the news and you think it might be fun to start one. You have things to say! You might even have found the perfect "niche," that oh-so-elusive thing that promises to rise your as as-yet-unborn blog to the top of the blogosphere. Maybe you're heading out on a journey and want to chronicle the experience. Or maybe you just need a space to voice your thoughts so that you no longer feel as though you're talking to yourself. ...more

Being president isn't a job I would want, but no one made them take it.

I never know what I'm going to get when I open my BlogNosh email. Could be about parenting, travel, life, food... anything. I just know it's pretty much guaranteed to be well written and pertinent. I love BlogNosh; it helps me discover great new bloggers. ...more