Just wait...

Today is stunningly gorgeous in the fair(ish) city of Chi. Like, running barefoot across the adjacent blanket in Millennium Park gorgeous. And then apologizing, for you were just trying to get a free bag of ComEd popcorn before the movie started. Which won't happen this year because the city hates my personal view of fun.But I think you get the picture....more

Kinda like Buy One Get One Free...

...of a really bizarre infomercial product......for which you ended up paying a ton of shipping anyhow! ...more

Lamaze Class: Making couples have second thoughts since 1940.

I think we've stayed at this party too long.a.k.a., That natural childbirth video made me yuke. ...more

Thirty weeks? That sounds close.

It kinda feels like I'm in the "official" part of my pregnancy- like, now that it's ten weeks or less 'til Baby Central, this means that I actually have to HAVE THE KID. And other such fun. ...more

Wanna come see my MacLaren?

This past weekend Peej and I headed to Pittsfield to be showered with baby...think 'It's Raining Men,' but with pastels. Delicious food, adorable [teensy] presents and a couple dozen of the East Coasters I like best. Also- more than five instances of "I cannot believe how HUGE you are," to which I reply: a) Believe it. ...more