If Jess Can Do It, So Can I

New Girl has become my guaranteed laugh of the week. No matter the day, the busyness, the drama or the like, New Girl manages to raise my spirits, forcing the belly laughter for a solid twenty-two minutes....more

First Impressions

I like to think that I come by my spontaneous-travel-hungry spirit quite honestly. My mom has always had a knack for adventure. Another similarity would be my appreciation of having people around. Comparably to my post-secondary experiences, my mom had a roommate while attending college in the city. They lived in a small apartment, close to school, on the sketchy side of the tracks. My mom and her roommate shared a comfy space and were slowly getting to know their neighbors in the building. A friendly woman lived beside them and a bit of a shaggy fellow lived below....more

Prince Charming Not So Charming: Chapter 2

* See previous Post, Prince Charming Not So Charming, for the beginning of the story *...more

Prince Charming Not So Charming

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she desperately longs to be a princess. Whether fulfilled through family trips to Disneyland or flowing prom dresses, the wanna-be-princess appears in us all at some point of our lives. This is very true in 27’s life. She was bestowed with princess nicknames at a very young age, and the desire to live among shimmering jewels with gold crowns and elaborate kingdoms has never escaped her....more