30 Small Steps to Grow Your Blog

Growing your blog doesn't happen overnight or in the course of 30 days, but it happens in small steps every day. Most will take 10-15 minutes, tops. That sounds doable, right? Join me! This post has some great actions and below you will find links to 30 posts with 30 small steps. Try doing them in 30 days or just try doing them as you can. Want to connect with other bloggers hoping to grow?? Join the Facebook group! Growing your blog is ALL about connections. ...more
Thanks for the tips!  A conference or class sounds like a good investment. I'm just in my third ...more

8 Tips to ROCK Your Blog Conference

Next week I will be traveling to a magical land where people understand phrases like: "I'm really struggling with SEO" or "That's my favorite plugin!" or " Is there a hashtag for that?" It will be a gathering of people who stop to take pictures of food before eating and may post to social media while carrying on conversations.  ...more

Kid Crafts with Paint: Color Block Painting

Looking for kid crafts with paint? Here is a great one that results in a fabulous painting you can hang in the gallery of your home. I’m still working to bring together the new colors in our TV room and kitchen after the big kitchen remodel ....more

Monthly Sparkles and a Stove Giveaway!

If you didn’t already know, I am a contributor with the lovely Kathy at Sparkles and a Stove. I actually got to meet her at the Blog Elevated Conference and it was such a treat! Funny but true story: we both were surprised because we thought the other was tall based on our profile pics ....more

Amazing Raw Kale Salad

Last week I wrote about meeting Chef Monica Pope. It was fabulous. You know what else was fabulous? ...more

Day 6: Giving When There’s Nothing Left

If you got my weekly email today, you’ll know that I’m all about finding the joy in crazy things, like how we arrived at church today missing about 5 key items. Including the lesson I was supposed to for Sunday School. Most of the time I love to find the humor in moments like discovering that we are missing shoes and glasses and wallets and Sunday school lessons (and coffee!!!) at church ....more

Day 5: Giving Myself Small

This morning I did a lot of yelling. Not angry yelling, but more like silly shouting. Rob has Fridays off, so we had a lazy morning, which meant sort of everyone everywhere and messes and noise and a lot of me feeling kind of overwhelmed by the chaos at the same time I was enjoying it ....more

Day 4: Giving Is Hard

Welcome to Day 4 of 31 Days of Giving Myself Away. I shall compare this day to something like my third day on the Atkins Diet back in ’03, only with a little less crying. I don’t know why I thought I needed the Atkins Diet ....more

Coffee with Kiki–Stephentown and Foxes

I am starting a maybe new and maybe never again weekly vlog feature. This week, I’m talking the Stephentown 300 and parental responsibility. While my kids are talking What the Fox Say ....more

Day 3: Giving Myself Away…ish

Today is the first day I’m donating money to World Help. As a part of this 31 Days of Giving Myself Away, my plan is to look for organic, natural ways large and small that I can give of myself in some way. Today I either wasn’t looking (which is entirely possible as I’m running on about zero sleep) or did not have an opportunity ....more