The Golden Globes and Modesty: A Lesson For Violet

Ok, so this is post is no longer timely, as the Golden Globes took place in …. January? But I’m feeling that old need to blog again, and this is still  on my mind ...more

Doing What I’m Told . . . And Trusting God

I don’t even know how to begin this post. I’ve already started crying. But after talking with my therapist and psychiatrist they recommended that I write about it. So I’m going to listen and do what I’m told.   We’ve all written posts about Sandy Hook, have prayed and done random acts of kindness in honor of those precious lives. It’s been 3 weeks since this horrific event. It wasn’t me that lost the love of my life. But I’m ...more

The Magic of Walt

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at Disney and it truly was magical in all Disney ways. We went to The Animal Kingdom and rode through the wilds of Africa. Sarah danced in a street show in Africa. We walked through the gardens of Asia. We went on the famous magic teacups. We braved Space Mountain. We went on Star Tours and Buzz Lightyears shoot ‘em out game/ride. We met characters. We shopped in the ridiculously expensive Disney souvenir shops ....more

How John Came To Be & The Power Of The Mind

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the ‘power’ of the mind. How I can control my reaction to something and create a new situation. Like the saying goes, “You cannot change others, you can only change how you react to others.” This has been on my mind because of our situation with Violet and how I react to her when a tantrum begins/is going on/ends. Today, as I was dwelling on this yet again, I suddenly remembered ...more

Guest Posting over at Letters For Lucas

Today I have the honor – and luck- to be guest posting over at Tonya’s place Letters For Lucas. If you haven’t visited her before, you really must. She is wise, kind and inspirational. I’ve written my own letter to my family, Dear Husband and Children.  today and I hope you’ll pop on over and take a look ....more

After Shocks

So I haven’t been around lately, at all. Not on Facebook, not really on Twitter and definitely not here. And I’ve missed it all. But something more pressing has been keeping me occupied, and once it was under control, well I’d kind of lost my mojo. Again ....more

Politics and Facebook

I’m a republican. But I don’t think Obama is evil. Do I agree with his politics? Not quite. I also don’t think Romney is evil. Do I agree with Romney? Not quite. So who am I going to vote for? I don’t know. Then,  after reading my Facebook feed this morning I decided. I’m totally voting for Obama. Then I got deeper into my feed .  . . and decided I’m totally voting for Romney ....more

Slow Cookin’

So. With the kids back in school I’ve decided that I’m going to do more home, from scratch cooking. And Diana at Hormonal Imbalances has been talking about the beauty of crock pots for years. So I scoured Pinterest and cookbooks and found some that sounded amazing. Ah-maz-ing ....more

3 1/2 Years . . . You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

September marks the 3 1/2 year ‘anniversary’ of my first stay in a mental hospital. July 2013 will mark four years. Each September, as the kids start back to school I’m flooded with memories of the day I fell apart and went in that first time. I was obviously a complete mess, but I honestly didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t until I was laying in my bed, sobbing and begging my friend to let me go to ...more

Ready . . . Set . . They’re All Gone!

On Tuesday John will start kindergarten. Full day, every day. Sarah will be in first, Violet in fourth. And they’ll all be in the same school. All day, every day. Which means, I’m home, alone. Alone. I thought I was going to be all, “Woohooo!! Freedom!!” But instead I’m all, “Woohoo. Freedom.” ...more