Galavanting in Costa Rica

During our recent trip to Costa Rica, we had a blast in a place that's safe, fun, inexpensive and eco-friendly. We did some cool stuff, but our favorite was the rural eco-lodge with its wildlife and horseback riding...well, no, maybe the surf, perhaps visiting the idigenous village...aww heck, maybe it was the waterfall rappelling...nah, it had to be the cooking lesson from an awesome chef.  Why don't you the webisode >> ...more

Discovering Stavanger, Norway

I recently lived in Stavanger, Norway for two years and loved every moment. I affectionately refer to the area as utopia. The thought of Scandinavia may conjure images of a frozen tundra, but Stavanger is like the 'California' of Norway. It is well-situated on the country's west coast and warmed by the Gulf Stream. ...more