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Fun Fridays Should Definitely Involve Food on Your Face

  Photo Credit: Kim Bauer; 2010 All Rights Reserved   Homeschool in my house revolves around two pimply faced ‘tweens.  Honestly, they aren’t that pimply yet, but every day I can feel it coming....more

Insights on Women and Blogging.

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Man Invents Machine to Convert Plastic Into Oil. Absolutely Fabulous!

This is totally amazing and definitely qualifies as fabulous! I can't help but think that this plastic to oil converting machine will become a common household appliance like a washer and dryer, wine cooler or a water softener. I could take all my plastic trash bags, plastic packaging, and plastic bottles and convert them to petroleum or heating oil. I can see having one in my garage, right along side an oil storage tank. This is an unbelievable example of what can happen when someone really gets committed, resourceful and creative....more

Remembering 911 and How My Family Was Given a Second Chance

Friday night I walked into the family room and found my two children plopped in front of the TV. They were not just watching. They were glued--eyes large as ping pong balls. They had chosen a documentary on the history channel about 911. I entered at during the tragic scene in which victims were jumping out of the towers because jumping from a 90 story building seemed to be a better choice than incineration. "Turn it off", I screamed. It was a gut reaction....more

My Son's Journey to Manhood--Part Two

“Mom, come fast, Frankie broke his arm and it’s really bad.” These are words no parent wants to hear—especially when visiting dear old college friends on a balmy summer night for the first time in almost a decade.  One thought kept goin...more

How to Create an Annual Homeschooling Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Homeschooling moms everywhere know that the secret to successful homeschooling lies in having an annual plan.  We are somewhat obsessive about it—forever scoping out new curriculum, museum exhibits, field trips, library resources, etc…    ...more