Promises of Fall

Sometimes I get the Sunday Blues. ...more

Walk for A Cure

  Isn't this just the cutest picture That's my mother wearing the hat and gloves....more

Walk for a Cure

  This is my daughter, Danielle. ...more

Personal Training

My back issues started in earnest when I first started working out with a personal trainer (about 5 years ago). It was my first experience with a personal trainer ever. And I was out of shape (of course) but had never really exercised before. (I don't think P.E. in Jr. High really qualifies.) I was exercise adverse. I don't mean that I was / am against physical activity. I just was against the kind that involved a gym, equipment, looking stupid and sweating....more

Things That Make Me Laugh

The bumper sticker to the left is true for (of?) me. Usually, though, I'm giggling about something that happened a few hours earlier and it still tickles my funny bone....more

It's Already Friday the 13th...

This is a pic of "my" calculator at work. Of course it's not really MY in I can't take it home or anything....more

John Mellencamp still R.O.C.K.S.

GOAL= Healthy Weight (?)

I was on a weight loss program that lasted an embarrassingly long time. The first 6 months I did great and lost an appropriate amount of weight. Then I plateaued for another 6 months. Flat. Each time I went to weigh in I comforted myself that "No Gain = No Gain", which is a WIN. But I really wanted to jump start to get that next 10 pounds off. That would not have put me at "goal", but it would have put me at a number I would be willing to have on my driver's license. ...more

Pesky Squirrel

We love birds. Love to feed them, love to hear them, love to watch them, love to have them take bird, love, love. We've been really lucky here in our "new" yard with having birds visit our bird feeders. We have a plethora of birdies that come to our feeders. --Or at least we did. Lately, though, we are having trouble keeping the feeders full. We thought, "Yep, those birdies like the food!"...more

Running Got Placed on Hold

RUNNING! Why is it that when I want to do something "good for me" it turns against me? Last Saturday I ran eight two minute runs, with single minute walks in between. --My right knee began to hurt a week ago along with my left ankle. I believe that these aches and pains are related. I think one is compensating for the other, but not quite sure which came first...the ankle or the knee. My knee is something I need to pay attention to. I've had knee issues in the past, but thought that I could just work through this. ...more