Butter or Not?

Today as I was musing in my kitchen, I wondered whether eliminating butter from one's diet is a good thing.  Its been nearly six months since I stopped eating all dairy products, which of course, would include butter.  But lots of recipes and foods call for the "liquid gold" and I have found it is the flavor of butter that I miss.  That being said, I am not willing to carry around the pounds that can creep on with just a little excess fat in the diet.  So am I really harming my body by adding a bit of butter to my food and recipes?...more

P. S. A special Mother's Day wish for my mom:

P. S. A special Mother's Day wish for my mom:I wish you were here, O Mother, dear Mom.But you are with God, where we all started from.I know you can see me, I feel you more than notYour strength flows through me; resilience, I’ve got.You have my back and are at the side of our Master.Nothing can hurt me, no harm or disastercan come, bringing fear,because you are near.Not far, but near. In another word: here.I know you can see me…as I shed another tear, live on another year with no doubt or fear....more

ROGER EBERT - A Tribute to a Great Human Being

ROGER EBERTIn MemoriamI'm very sad to hear of Roger Ebert's passing today. My heart goes out to his incredible wife Chas, whom I had the pleasure of meeting several times along with her well-known husband. She is an Angel on earth and God has her beloved husband in His care now. ...more

‎"Why I Am Glad to be Divorced Three Times and What You Can Learn From Me."

Yes, I said it. I am a thrice-divorced woman of 52 years. Should I just call it a day right now? After all, who wants to date, much less marry, someone who has three “failed” marriages, AND is over 50? Let’s not forget the fact that she has three children and she is unemployed.What’s a woman to do in this precarious situation? Watch, wait and know: Life will be good again! This was my exact situation November, 2010....more