Husbands: 6 Ways to Support Your Wife During Labor

The process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery of a baby is a momentous event for couples.  Women replay those hours leading up to the births of their babies the rest of their life.  They are memories filled with love, tenderness, and excitement, often coupled with anxiety, pain, and fear....more

How to Help Someone Grieve: Casseroles or Kleenex?

Three years ago last month some of our dear friends, Andrea and Tyler Gasser, lost their four month old little boy, Beckett. She went upstairs to her bedroom to wake him up from a nap only to find him unconscious. Days in the pediatric ICU did not revive him. I remember when I received the phone call telling me that they had asked someone to bring them a pair of jammies and a blanket from home so they could wrap him up and hold him one last time before they removed life support and said good-bye. I wept for their family.  My heart still hurts for them.   At the time, I had a 4 week old baby boy and I grieved along with her as I could so easily imagine myself in her situation....more

Surviving Residency: 10 Things I Learned while My Husband was a Surgery Resident

It’s July…Happy New Year!I know, most people celebrate New Years in January, but for some of us, July 1st is the start of the “new year.”...more